UFO? I Saw One – An Unidentified Flying Object

UFO? I saw a UFO on Monday morning. This is only the second one I ever saw and the other one was about thirty-five years ago.

I live in Galway, Ireland and I was driving my children to school last monday when I saw some lines of cloud in a clear blue sky. I was looking at them and wondering if they were natural formations, jet trails or the so-called chemtrails.

UFO similar to what I saw

Then I noticed what at first glance I thought was a jet. Then I noticed that it was moving into and out of the cloud/chemtrail in an unnatural way. More precisely it was not moving but hanging at the edge of the trail. I did not yet think it was a UFO. It looked metallic and did not appear to have wings. I told my boys about it, but was having difficulty pointing it out to them because I was driving and the object was tiny. Then when the traffic stopped again so that I could look again myself, it was gone. The sky was clear so if it was anywhere in the area, I would have seen it. If it was a jet there would have been a trail and it could not have disappeared so quickly. No pictures.


Like most UFO reports this one is very basic and it could be argued that it could have been anything. But, let’s eliminate some possibilities.

  • A Weather Balloon. Completely the wrong shape and movement.
  • A recreational Balloon. Wrong shape and movement.
  • An Airplane. No wings and did not move like one.
  • Swamp Gas. Don’t make me laugh.
  • Chinese Lantern. Wold not be visible at the distance this was at. The fact that it went into or behind the cloud means that it was at a considerable distance. The shape was either disk from the side or cigar-shaped. Hard to tell at the distance I saw it.
  • Remote Control Vehicle. Unlikely that there would be anyone out with one of those at that early hour. Also it is unlikely to be big enough to be seen at the distance I saw this.
  • Venus or some other planet. It was daytime and a bright blue sky.
  • Experimental military aircraft. Could be. But, not local. We don’t have the budget for it. It could be someone else’s experiment. Who knows?

Any other ideas as to what this UFO was? I will be happy to discuss them here.

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