Grain storage and keeping your crop safe

Grain storage and keeping your crop safe

Article by Wayne Paddison

Grain prices are weakening on the back of a strong Australian Dollar Graincorp is tipping full years earnings of

0million to 0million dollars Cost of putting a crop in continues to accelerate out of control There is an ever-increasing demand for farmers to work smarter and think outside the circle to remain in the black Several issues have emerged as direct threats to the viability of the Australian grain industry The first of those issues is Insect resistance most states of Australia are reporting Insect resistance to Phosphines in excess of 48% as a nation of Grain growers and handlers our industry is being rocked by this issue we are simply applying far to stronger does of Phosphines to our grain in order to kill the insects that infect our grain To continue to use Phosphines in this manner is simply placing the Australian grain industry under threat given that a replacement for Phosphines has not been found Couple that with souring grain handling and production costs and most <brgrain producers find them selves battling to make ends meetOver the last 12 months there has been exhaustive research being conducted behind the scenes with the soul purpose of coming up with a common sense solution that will solve both the Issue of insect resistance and a common sense approach to on farm storage that wont break the bank Grainair is now poised to offer a range of common sense solutions to Australian grain growers that simply make sound economic senseGrainair is now offering a small bunker system that can be built as small as 350 tons which can be added to by the panel and built as large as required designed around existing farm Augers to elevate the need to purchase additional equipment to service the system The Grainair Bunker is the complete solution it be purchased in Kit form complete with Tarps Aeration and insect kill Grain Service agreements are also available for those who prefer for Grainair to service and maintain there grain Bunkers have long been regarded as a poor method of storing grain not anymore Aeration complete Grainair can now offer total control of your grain Grainair has developed axial fans and a new type of air ducting which is not steel rather Polyurethane aeration pipe that is almost indestructible The Grainair system is at the forefront of Temporary storage in Australia By purchasing a Grainair bunker solution growers can now store there entire crop on farm and make savings in storage and handling charges, turnaround times from header to storage and with the added flex ability to “Build by the panel” growers can now store in total safety using a temporary storage system that makes common senseThe Grainair bunker can be paid for in one years storage with the added flexibility to sell your grain at the best market price at a time that suites you without an enormous handling and storage charge to be paid before sale

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