UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects and Anti-gravity

UFOs, short for unidentified flying objects, is an anomaly that is observed over the surface of the earth and that is not immediately identifiable to the viewer of the object.

Although the term UFO can refer to any object, including natural phenomena, such as the planet Venus, popular culture, especially Hollywood, has made the term synonymous with spacecraft visiting from other planets. There are thousands of people from around the world who view UFOs each day. This, however, does not mean that they have seen something unusual.

What are UFOs?

Proponents of the hypothesis that UFOs have extraterrestrial origin argue that they cannot be natural phenomena or craft made by humans because they exhibit flight behavior that defies our present understanding of physics. Therefore, they must be propelled by some exotic form of propulsion mechanism that is not predicted by the main theories of physics – Classical Physics, Quantum Theory and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

What Can UFOs Do?

UFOs - Anti-Gravity

Some theorists speculate that UFOs are able to alter the ambient gravitational field and are able to produce a matter-attracting gravity potential just beyond the vehicle’s front end. This amounts to an attractive force that always tugs the craft forward as if a very massive planetary mass was placed ahead of it. It is almost like a carrot-stick effect.

Through such gravity control, a craft would be able to not only float in the earth’s atmosphere but also accelerate close to the speed of light with minimum expenditure of energy. Through this type of propulsion interstellar travel would be possible and economic.

What Some Scientists Say About UFOs

Mainstream academics do not support the view that UFOs can create an artificial gravitational field around them because such an accomplishment is not possible using Einstein’s theory of Relativity or the other theories of physics. According to the Theory of Relativity a gravitational field of the magnitude required by the UFO can only be created around an enormous quantity of mass – something not practical to the design of a UFO. Furthermore, Relativity Theory does not predict anti-gravity or a reversal of gravity. Thus, the cancellation of gravity by its opposite pole is not possible, as it is in the case of the electric field and the magnetic field.

This does not stop various ufologists, or investigators into UFO phenomena, from speculating that UFOs employ a secret science of electro-gravitics whereby the gravitational field can be easily distorted through magnetic or electric methods. Websites like Youtube make it possible to view hundreds of UFO videos and allow everyone to draw their own conclusions.

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