Anatomy of the UFO Debunkers – Part Two

Anatomy of the UFO Debunkers – Part Two

Article by Recognize Reality

You have to start by attempting to disprove a particular UFO case, see if it holds water, to determine if it’s a mistaken sighting, a genuine sighting, or a hoax. It could be just an airplane high in the sky, a weather balloon, or even a silver-painted Frisbee tossed up there for laughs. It could be a trick of the light, an optical illusion, heat waves dancing on a rooftop, anything at all. It could be a bird, or a plane, or even Superman! Alright, that last one should definitely be debunked.We have to be debunkers first, then if the evidence is conclusive and credible enough, we can decide that it’s quite possibly legitimate. Their truth is the only true, in their opinion, even if it’s wrong.When there are reports of UFO sightings, quite often we hear reasonable explanations such as experimental aircraft (whether US, Russian, or whomever), weather balloons, lights on airplanes, hoaxes, swamp gas, optical illusions, wild imagination, etc. Such ideas may come from the media, or planted by some unknown intelligence faction, or the usual debunkers. Yes, exploring the most reasonable explanations is healthy, but if none of the usual criteria can actually apply, you just may have a real alien spacecraft on your hands.Often someone from the Intelligence community, or a hired shyster, will spread disinformation to deny the usual UFO accounts. And sometimes they toss in totally absurd stories intending to make the whole UFO phenomenon sound ludicrous. Much of this you’ll read in the tabloids as well. When you see a photo of the president shaking the hand of a bug-eyed, big-headed grey alien in a tabloid rag, you have to know it’s phony – right?He produced a small hand-held device and proceeded to demonstrate that he could keep a rotor spinning despite no energy input. This device was basically producing free electricity.<strong>George Green Project Camelot Interview</strong>The wider world was not present at the UFO conference and there is no video footage or even photographic evidence of Green’s motor. Of course, there is plenty of witness testimony.A few years later, in April 2008, Project Camelot (an investigative media organisation) visited Green with a video camera and he demonstrated the device once more.It consisted of little more than a small speaker magnet (acting as the rotor) and then a section of PVC pipe around it. The interior of the pipe is coated in magnets which go all the way around except for a small sector. Once the motor is spinning, the operator needs to move the pipe to keep up with it and keep it in equilibrium. Otherwise the rotor would lose speed and also career off the surface.Of course, Green’s motor was not designed to generate electricity for the home – it was intended as a simple, basic and yet clear example of zero point magnetic motor technology. It was designed to show the world that there is another energy source out there, right under the tips of their noses. The only reason that few people, even today, know about it is because magnetic motors were suppressed in traditional media by commercial and governmental interests who see this technology as a major threat to their existing activities.<strong>How To Generate 7 Kilowatts For Your Own Home</strong>Green’s motor looks cool but it is not practical for home use.

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