The UFO’s Threat & How to Stop Them

The UFO’s Threat & How to Stop Them

Article by Stuart Wilde

We watch what we call the Aluna Mirror World via the trance state. There is a dozen or more of us that do this for many hours each day, so we get to share vast bodies of information with each other.

We see celestial worlds and demonic ones. As time passed we triangulated the topography of those worlds so we could move about more easily. One moves around the landscape using the force of one’s will and the mind. This way we came to a rudimentary comprehension of those trans-dimensional worlds. They very complex, we collectively call them the ‘hyper-state’, meaning there are many dimensions layered one upon another.

Some unidentified flying objects are of course experimental military aircrafts but we have seen the common or garden UFOs and the Greys in those hell worlds many, many times, like hundreds of times. They are drones that are birthed out of a tube that comes up from the ground below one at an angle of 45 degrees.

When first born the UFOs appear as little blobs. I have seen this birthing process more than thirty times. They come out of the birth canal eleven at a time. The little blob-beings take on the saucer or triangular shape later as they become more mature. In essence the crafts people see are beings (entities) that can shape-shift and the Grey are further drones inside the larger being, the saucer.

They are demonic entities from the hell worlds, linked or manufactured by the dark powers that we see in those demonic works. The UFOs can read your mind and fire pulses at you and confuse you and the Greys can come through a wall. I’ve seen them late at night in my room six times. I’ve seen the UFOs when I was in several different countries over sixty times.

What to Do:

1) If the Greys come into your room they will first paralyse you. Then abduct you etherically or drain you of your energy on the spot. Let’s do lunch! You are food to them.

If you feel the paralysis coming on put your mind and all the force of your will into the little finger of your left hand and move that, then the other fingers, then your arm and sit up if in bed at the time. Then rush them screaming. If you have a club, or a knife or even the bedside lamp in your hand it helps scare them. Attack, they never come back.

2) If you can’t do that then attempt to confused them as they are anal and as thick as two planks, invent some nonsense to send them away, for example, you might say out loud in an authoritarian voice “The Pope just called he wants you over at the Vatican double, quick-time pronto. Go!”

3) If a UFO hovers over your house blow love at it, it scares them. This works sometime and sometimes it does not.

4) You must have no intrigue for them, nor fear, nor anger. Point and ridicule at the UFO you see in an over exaggerated way. Slap you thighs, grab your belly, laugh your head off pointing and calling to people that may not be with you at the time to view the ludicrous sham flying about pretending to be a space ship. This demoralizes them and they get confused.

I’m not a Christian I’m a Taoist but I read that Jesus said we should turn the other cheek. So I’d drop m’ pants and show ’em my lily-white ass. I’m not sure if that was what Jesus meant.

This works well on the ridicule front. Except don’t do it if they are close as one day in Bavaria in 2002 I did it when the UFO was only seventy yards away and it hit me up the back end with a pulse that hurt like billy-o for three days. It’s a timing play.

5) If they come into your mind they usually tell you they have an important message for humanity about an up-coming ecological disaster and they have chosen you to tell the world about it-codswallop. Don’t buy it.

You could whack them repeatedly in the head with a dead pine tree and they still could not come up with one thing about ecology that you don’t already know.

If they say they are scientist from another star system doing important experiments, ask them what they think of the Kaluza-Klein theory*. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Kaluza-Klein from fruit of the vine; it is only to fool them into submission as they don’t know it either.

6) Never read UFO books or go on to UFO sites on the Internet or listen to radio and TV shows that deal with the subject. And don’t give children cuddly Greys as toys.

Your interest attracts them to attack you and try to control your mind and carry you away. They feed on your submissive attitude if you think them to be a superior race from another star system-galactic dross really.

7) Have no fear look at them, look ’em in the eye, stand your ground and give them the middle finger salute while praying to your god to protect you. He-she-it will respond kindly to your request. (Art of Redemption, by Stuart Wilde published by Hay House)

© Stuart Wilde 2009

*Kaluza-Klein theory from Wikipedia:

“In physics, Kaluza-Klein theory (or KK theory, for short) is a model that seeks to unify the two fundamental forces of gravitation and electromagnetism. The theory was first published in 1921 and was proposed by the mathematician Theodor Kaluza who extended general relativity to a five-dimensional spacetime. The resulting equations can be separated out into further sets of equations, one of which is equivalent to Einstein field equations, another set equivalent to Maxwell’s equations for the electromagnetic field and the final part an extra scalar field now termed the ‘radion'”.

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Stuart Wilde (born September 24, 1946) is a British writer. Best known for his works on metaphysics and consciousness, he is also a lecturer, essayist, humorist, lyricist, and music producer. He is the author of eighteen books including the popular series The Taos Quintet: Miracles, The Force, Affirmations, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some.

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