UFOs and the United Nations. A Last Ditch Desperate Measure To Make the People Afraid to accept World Government.

UFOs and the United Nations. A Last Ditch Desperate Measure To Make the People Afraid to accept World Government.

Article by George Warm

www.unbalancedpassions.com The elitist are loosing in the infowar because the dinosaur media like NBC,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,CNN and NPR are getting their rear end kicked by the alternative news sources. Newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are loosing readers. The United States government and the United Nations have all lost credibility over the Climate Treaty. Both Democrat and Republican parties are hated. Congress has a low approval rating. President Obama is more unpopular than President Jimmy Carter. There backs are against the wall. If you look at what many globalist like Henry Kissinger to H.G. Wells. Even the report from Iron Mountain. They all talked about the American people accepting troops on the streets from the UN to defend us against an Alien Threat. We hear about Project Blue Beam putting holographic images in the sky of an illusion of other life from outer space. Now the news is reporting UFOs tampering with nuclear weapons on Air Force bases. Something sounds very fishy. I see they are trying to make the people of the world afraid so we will accept a one world government as a solution against threat out of this world. Trying to play in the hands of the globalist as a recreation of the 1950s movie”The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “War of the Worlds”. When the War of the Worlds was played on radio by Orson Wells. There was fear and panic in the streets of America funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the US Government as a beta test to see how people would react. The only emotion they can play on is fear to get people to submit to a World government and surrender the liberties we hold dear. I see this as a last ditch effort for the globalist for holding onto to power because they are loosing. These UFO news stories is a desperate measure trial balloon to prepare the people’s minds of extra terrestrial life making contact. I see this back firing too like the H1N1 because no one believes a word they say anymore. Also look at the timing when they are about to loose big time in the mid term elections. Consider the timing of all this.

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George Warm lives in South East Texas

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