There Are UFO Sightings That People Share

There Are UFO Sightings That People Share

Article by Albert Sperk

People equate UFO with Roswell. There’s have been numerous accounts and myths written. Many of these crashed unidentified flying object in the desert around Roswell. Books and movies abound with their graphics of saucer shaped artifacts. Most of these describe mysterious bluish lights shooting out. Many think of little green men. Countless science fiction cartoons continue to feed the general public attitude for this kind of suggestion or information. Many simply shake their head in wonderment. Have you ever been out in the open country late at night witnessing a sudden flash of light.

Did you wonder it was a momentary flash of your mind. Then, later you began to realize that it wasn’t really a UFO but was just a flash of light from an airplane as it descended toward the local airport runway. What are UFOs? Explanations range from the standard descriptive that only means UFO (unidentified flying object). The popular press promotes this answer. Others continue their explanation that light flashing in the sky was only a plane, or a helicopter or a reflection back from a cell phone tower. Many hold the belief that UFOs are flying saucers – it seems to be the best description.

The authorities used the cell phone tower explanation to explain the flashes of light. Nonetheless, reflections from a cell phone tower don’t explain away “mysterious materials” discovered in Roswell, in 1947. Acceding the US military these mysterious fragments where only fragments of a research balloon which was a top secret maneuver that concluded poorly.

A local farmer described materials he found several miles outside of Roswell. Comic books and strips had a field day with pieces of what seem to be almost like aluminum foil, held the public attention to where the story gained a lot of attention across the globe. It’s hard to say what would have happened if the Roswell, New Mexico story had not become so well publicized.

One must ask just how common it is for people to accurately experience seeing an unidentified flying object in the sky, but are reluctant for fear of being made fun. And yet, there are UFO sightings that people share what has become the topic of conspiracy theories around flying saucers. In 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, in Suffolk, England those who actually saw the UFO and each individual claimed to see flashing lights on board the unidentified flying object.

The UFO was reported by all witnesses as roughly the size of a car. It was further reported that the UFO seemed to float downward on a beam of light. Upon investigation it was found there was some damaged to the wooded area. The more skeptical all offer what they view as the real explanations to which they bring their own supporting evidence. Who is correct? Flying saucers? That’s up to you to decide.

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