Answering the Mysteries Involved with Alien Baby

Article by Miguel Carlos

The concept of aliens has been one of the biggest mysteries of this society and there has been a question on whether or not it is true. However, there have been accounts in as early as the 1950s that indicate there was an alien baby that was found. These babies were found dead or living and many websites were created to provide evidence. In fact, there are many alien baby websites on the internet with images and other information to give support to the idea that they do exist.

There are many who would support the claim that an alien baby is real, whether these are grown up or infant. Although there are those that believe the existence of such aliens are real, there are also a few skeptics who think these are only meant as elaborate pranks. Furthermore, they claim that the pictures are not actually that of an alien baby but malformed infants due to their deformities at birth.

Such claims cannot be denied but there are also a video of alien baby that was found in Mexico by a farmer named Marao Lopez in the year 2007. According to Lopez, the alien was found in a ditch wherein he heard it breathing and drowning. At first he thought it was a baby but then it looked strange and he tried to drown the alien baby by submerging it underwater. However, it took several hours for the alien to stop breathing.

He took the remains of the so-called alien baby to a university scientist for it to be examined for DNA analysis. The result of the study was released only two years after the study was conducted and the results have shown that the substance is  indeed not human. The human joints are similar to that of a human; meanwhile the bone structure is lizard-like although its teeth lack the roots just as that of humans. The back side of the creature’s brain is protected by a thin layer of skin and it quite huge in size. Because of that, the researchers who examined the creature came into a conclusion that this creature was smart.

The mystery surrounding the creature being an alien baby was added some more by the fact that Lopez was burned to death beside his parked vehicle. The fire that burnt Lopez was higher in temperature than regular fire causing many to conclude that it was the parents of the alien baby who did this to Lopez after he drowned the creature.

This is not the only account that supports the idea of UFOs and aliens in the world. The discovery of alien baby by Lopez was just one of those that are highly publicized. Also, it was the first time that such a creature was examined and thoroughly evaluated in order to have a better understanding of the composition of these creatures. The mysteries remain unsolved and it is expected to continue on as more evidence pop up about their existence. There are several websites that provide evidence that you need and you can decide on your own whether they are real or not.

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