Baltic Sea UFO Update New pictures June 28, 2012

Baltic Sea UFOIs there finally concrete evidence of the existance of UFOs? On June 11 2011 a group of divers who normally make their living from locating wrecks made a sonar scan of a section of the Baltic Sea. What they found surprised everyone. The divers went down and came back with more questions instead of answers. It became known as the Baltic Sea Mystery or The Baltic Sea UFO. The sonar scan last year, the subject of the first of the videos below, showed an almost circular shape that many think resembles a UFO. Others say that it is just an unusual rock. Rock or not the object seems to effets mobile phone signals as calls can not be made while the vessle is over the object.

The area is not divable all year round and even then it is not easy to get to at 85m.

Baltic Sea UFO

This second video has an update on the Baltic Sea UFO story. But, alas no answers just more questions.

We would really like to hear what the general consensus is about what the object is. Is it UFO Evidence or just a freak rock or some such. Please comment.

The Truth?

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