List Of Books To Read – 5 Books You Should Not Miss

List Of Books To Read – 5 Books You Should Not Miss

Article by Ondrej Dyrka

There are so many books out there that it’s often hard to decide which one to pick. Tens of genres, thousands of authors, different tastes… there could almost be a college degree for picking the right book.

Some classic books, however, tend to cross the void between genres and give you an excellent reading experience, no matter if you’re a sci-fi, fantasy or poetry fan. These books tell a story so astonishing and complex that it would be folly to pass everything they can offer.

Let’s begin our tour throughout the 5 books you should not miss, shall we?

1. 1984 by G. Orwell

Written deeply inside the 20th century, George Orwell (in reality named Eric Arthur Blair) described a gloomy future where the Big Brother controls every aspect of our lives.

Love is hatred, truth is lie, the past is manipulated and tempted with at will, people live in misery and their basic human feelings are humiliated and twisted to serve the will of the Party.

You really should read 1984 to realize how important it is to live in a free, liberal society and why you need to be interested in what’s going on beyond your own life.

2. The Little Prince by A. de Saint-Exupéry

Being one of the most popular fairy tales of all time, The Little Prince painfully reminds us that adults are made so much different from children by the pressure of the outside world.

Exupéry tells a story of The Little Prince living on his small asteroid. His simple purpose of life is to get rid of baobabs (some sort of trees), because they would otherwise destroy his home.

The Little Prince also visits other minor planets, but their inhabitants (such as the King or the Businessman) are living sad and narrow-minded lives.

3. Side Effects by W. Allen

What use would this list have if there wasn’t at least one humorous piece of literature? And who could better represent this genre than the great comedian, actor and director Woody Allen?

Side Effects is a set of 17 hilarious stories, all of them written in the 1975-1980 period. Some of them are:

* The UFO Menace * My Speech to the Graduates * The Diet * A Giant Step for Mankind

In case you suffer from depressions or are just sad for whatever reason, rest assured that Side Effects will take care of that – repeatedly!

4. Dune Messiah by F. Herbert

Arrakis, the land of sand and also the home of spice melange.

If you haven’t heard this before, on what planet have you been living in? Frank Herbert displayed a truly ingenius skill to put together a fascinating universe – which is totally dependent on some sand rock called Arrakis, or Dune.

The noble Atreides, the evil Harkonen, the relentless and honest Fremen… the Dune has everything it takes to make you read, read and read until you’ve read it all.

5. Death Is My Trade by R. Merle

World War II was the largest conflict in human history so far. We must never forget what madness stood behind it and Death Is My Trade is a perfect book to remind us what was going on and what were the Nazis planning.

Rudolf Lang is made a head of a concentration camp and his duty is to eliminate the Jews according to a “schedule”. He does not see the monstrosity of his actions, he is just following orders, because he presumes his superiors will take any possible blame.

Robert Merle is trying to tell us that while there is nothing wrong with duty and honor, you always need to use logic to see whether you’re not doing something terribly wrong.


While there obviously are hundreds of recommended pieces of literature, these five will be definitely worth your while. Enjoy the most popular books!

Thank you for reading!

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