The Sasquatch – Fact or Fiction?

The Sasquatch – Fact or Fiction?

Article by Lyn Thurman

Throughout the world there have been legends of huge ape men who live in remote landscapes and are seldom glimpsed by man. Native Americans knew this creature as the Sasquatch, the ‘hairy giant’ who lived in the forests particularly in the Pacific North West although Florida is home to the ‘Skunk Ape’ – a bigfoot creature who resides in the Everglades.

One of the earliest recordings by a European of the Sasquatch was by fur trader and explorer David Thompson in 1811. Thomson was in what is now Jasper, Alberta when he came across the track of a large animal. He wrote in his journal:

“January 7th continuing our journey in the afternoon we came on the track of a large animal, the snow about six inches deep on the ice; I measured it; four large toes each of four inches in length, to each a short claw; the ball of the foot sunk three inches lower than the toes. The hinder part of the foot did not mark well, the length fourteen inches, by eight inches in breadth, walking from north to south, and having passed about six hours.”

Since this first track recording, there have been over 700 footprints attributed to the Sasquatch. They average in length of 15.6 inches and an average width of 7.2 inches. Invariably, the sighting of a Sasquatch is accompanied by a very strong, very foul odour.

There are frequent sightings of the Sasquatch but there is no concrete proof of their existence. There has never been a capture, dead or alive, so it leaves a question mark over the validity of sightings. Experts brought in to look at the footprints do seem to agree that they were caused by an animal of considerable weight although some believe them to be hoaxes.

While we try to prove the existence of the Sasquatch, Native American tribes accept the creature as fact.

The Kootenai tribe of British Columbia see the Sasquatch as a bridge between animal consciousness and human consciousness. Whenever he appears the tribe know there is a message being conveyed for them. They also view the Sasquatch as a living, breathing creature who lives in nature. This is unlike the Lakota who believe it’s a supernatural being who can travel into this world at will.

The Athapaskan tribe of Alaska believe a sighting of the Sasquatch is a message to get back in tune with Mother Earth. For this tribe, he seems to appear at troubling times when a change is needed. This is true also of the Hopi people. They see the Sasquatch as a messenger from the Creator, with their appearance as a sign to humankind of the upset and unbalance of existence. It’s a warning to us to clean up our act or face the consequences of our actions.

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