The Most Favorite Countries of Aliens

The Most Favorite Countries of Aliens

Because of the influence of television and movie, many people think that foreigners will visit the United States, but this is not correct. UFO around the world have left their marks, from Orkney, Auckland and Panama and Pyongyang. Although the United States has UFO monopoly, they are not privileges.

10, Indonesia

Yes, it is Indonesia. Every year the number of Indonesia’s UFO sighting reports is very high, maybe it is related to the country’s high population density. Unfortunately, Indonesia never had any particularly interesting or famous UFO sightings; but much smaller number of sightings, sufficient for it to ENTRY. 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Indonesia, there have been massive UFO sightings, causing speculation that aliens are trying to warn them to wear their swimming trunks.

9, France

France has a rich history of UFO encounters, it can date back to the Middle Ages. In 2007, the French government made the relevant decision-making, to the public in the past, present and future availability of UFO files.

8, Germany

UFO has been spotted early in modern period in Germany in World War II. The sky in Nazi Germany and the Pacific battlefield, the two sides go to war is inexplicable pilot called “rich soldiers,” the flying machine attacks. According to rumors, Nazi Germany not only experiment with a UFO, but also with inhuman strength forged alien. Since then, the German people have been watching the sky.

7, Canada

As the northern neighbor of United States, Canada had witnessed a considerable number of UFO. The ball flying out of the fence as an accident, they often landed in some bushes or flower beds. Occasionally one was hurt. For example, in 1967, Stefan Michael Clark said combustion reactor and the flying saucer and subjected to radiation poisoning injuries.

6, United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the world’s heads of crop circles, it also has a large number of UFO reports, particularly in the southwest border of Wales. Salisbury Plain, is the focus of the famous alien infestation. In Stonehenge, there are several lines of lies. The flying saucer is said to be invisible in these line roads, so that Stonehenge is a transportation hub.

5, Mexico

Mexico is one of the famous UFO hot spot. Mexico, like Canada would like to see cross-border aircraft, it seems the aliens are interested in Mexico itself. Mexico City is a favorite place of extraterrestrial visitors. There is evidence that aliens like monuments. Like all tourists, aliens cannot help but want to explore the pyramids and ruins in Mexico.

4, China

China has a long history of peaceful coexistence with the aliens, and even can be traced back thousands of years ago. Aircraft ancient myths are sometimes spoken by the people, but more often by the gods. Some UFO expert, in particular, Hartwig say that Chinese dragon has been speculated that the possible means of foreign flying objects. However, with the end of the Cultural Revolution, China’s treatment of aliens and UFO’s official position has changed. Many people now talk openly about their close contact, the truth has finally been found. China is still a good place for aliens to patronize.

3, Russia

In the dark days of the Cold War, the United States accused the Soviet Union, many people are on the Nazi “flying saucer” flight test program. Russia / China border (Altai) is considered the world’s most active UFO areas. Local residents can always see strange lights in the sky. Unfortunately, such a remote wilderness location, witnesses not been able to report and almost impossible to verify.

Is it amazing? Yes, of course. You must admit that is the fact. Maybe one day you will be the next witness of UFO. Good luck with you.

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