Does Chupacabra Really Exist or Is It Just a BIG Hoax??

Does Chupacabra Really Exist or Is It Just a BIG Hoax??

First off, What is Chupacabra? It’s a sort of monster (not a big one), the name comes from a spanish name chupar cabra (to suck goat) which means goat sucker. That monster kills animals especially goat to suck the blood.

Actually Chupacabra is not something special, in my opinion. However, since it is a monster like, people are really like this kind of things. The monster news like The Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster are attracting people. Below is the sketched image of the original chupacabra image.

There are some scientists believe Chupacabra – the goat sucker did exist before, but it is gone forever now from our earth. However, recently someone published some pictures of Chupacabra found in a barn in Texas somewhere. The guy told a story that he poisoned out Chupacabra by accident. He just want to kill animal that always disturbing his animals but it turned out he killed a Chupacabara. Here the pictures.

As you can see closely, the first Chupacabra picture above (the sketched one) is really different from what this guy had. We cannot just believe it is Chupacabra, but the face of that animal is more or less as scary as chupacabra face. Again if you carefully look at, it is not the same at all, espcially the body is completely different.

So what pictures that guy had all about? In my opinion, it is just a picture of wild dogs or could also be other canine like a coyote! The size of the body explains it! I don’t believe at all that guy in Texas really killed Chupacabra.

Nevertheless, even tough I have a strong evidence that the pictures are not Chupacabra pics, there are still some people have other opinions. They said the body might have been changed in evolution so it is not the same as original one. They still believe the pictures are indeed real Chupacabra.

As always, there is always contrary thing in this life, let the scientists prove it! I still hold my opinion strongly about it, that the pictures are indeed animal like pictures, but it is not chupacabra at all.

What about your opinion? Are you agree with me that it’s all not true or do you really believe it is indeed chupacabra?

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