The Legend of Bigfoot – The Sasquatch

The Legend of Bigfoot – The Sasquatch

Article by Bruce Swedal

Wandering through the wilderness of the Northern Pacific in the United States or western Canada many claim to have seen a large hair covered wild man in the woods. Descriptions of this beast range from 7 to 8 feet tall and in some cases there are reports up to 10 or 12 feet. Long shaggy hair covers their body and those who have encountered these animals they smell them long before they see them. Imagine the smell of old Uncle Rufus after a bender times ten.

In the United States this creature is more commonly referred to as Bigfoot, while the neighbors to the north prefer to call them Sasquatch. Why Bigfoot? Well imagine the size those sleds would need to be to support someone 8 feet tall. Personally I think choosing the feet, when coming up with a name, was much wiser than any of the other body parts.

Those highly regarded in the scientific field in most cases laugh off Bigfoot as either a mythological creature or an interesting legend without a second thought on the subject. They will refer to videos, footprints and stories that are hundreds of years old as hoaxes carried out by bored mountain men and women. After all how else can they entertain themselves with no television up in ‘dem hills? Hair samples are examined and either quickly identified or labeled as from an unknown species, either having little meaning. Oh, those bellowing sounds in the night? Surely someone out in the woods who happened to drop one of the fire logs on their foot. Hey you would bellow too.

Reputable people have brae ridicule to report sightings every year going back to when the Europeans first arrived here exploring the New World. The Native Americans feared giant, hairy, man-like creature running about in the woods nude. How can we blame them? You and I would be frightened by a big, hairy, naked creature running through our back yard.

The serious part of the debate centers on the body. Why hasn’t anyone ever found the body or a fossil record? Shouldn’t there have been some Bigfoot road kill by now? It’s not like you wouldn’t notice hitting an 8 foot tall beast in the middle of the road. Advocates cite rarely finding the remains of other large animals out in the woods they get broken down pretty quickly out in the forest. Who knows, maybe Bigfoot buries their brothers and sisters just like humans do today.

Bigfoot advocates also suggest that we already have fossil records of the big guy. Most will point to the records of Gigantopithecus and say this creature found its way over to North America from the Asian continent just like other animals throughout history did. Science just does not want to go frontier living out in the boonies in order to conduct the studies needed to actually find one of these creatures in the shrinking, hard to access habitat they live in.

In you are one of the Bigfoot advocates all you need to do is book your next trip to the great outdoors and find the proof needed to convince the skeptics.

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