Government and Military Lapel Pin Secret

Government and Military Lapel Pin Secret

Article by lemon

Stand very still…this is Area 51 type stuff-!!! Do you know the insider trade secrets regarding custom lapel pins for our clients that are connected with the government and military? Well let me tell ya’ pilgrim….saddle up and lets go dancing….here are ten gems…

I) Lapel pins are a great way to recognize years of service, achievements, awards, pride, rank, esprit de corps, and levels of competence(Err….and even incompetence?)

II) Marketing and Advertising! Custom pins are great for trade shows, war zones, and giveaways. Lapel pins are also very efficient for promoting your branch, unit, cubicle, and/or kill ratio. Imagine the fun at parties!

III) Custom pins save you money on your advertising budget. The cost of billboards, television, magazine, and radio spots, are increasing all of the time. Lapel pins are inexpensive, mobile, durable, and have a high perceived value. They get people talking about you, your company, or your product. People love custom lapel pins.

IV) You can attach lapel pins to your business cards, and make your cards that much more unusual, outstanding, and eye catching. Don’t have a business card? Pins can also be attached to metal objects and human heads!

V) If you are looking for a great vehicle for a fundraiser (Well…other than a free Ferrari) lapel pins are a fantastic way to raise money. They are inexpensive for you to purchase, are delivered with 7-14 days, are easy to distribute, and appeal to a great many human beings in this world. Your pins will sell like hotcakes!

VI) Lapel pins make a great gift…..even better than steak knives or paper weights!

VII) In a pinch, a lapel pins make for a great weapon….they can be thrown or used a sharp instrument.

VIII) Have an overabundance of budget money but need a lot to show for it? PERFECT! Custom lapel pins are the answer to your monetary prayers. They are even a great write-off on taxes as an advertising expense!!!

IX)Each time that you buy our custom lapel pins, we make a profit. How great is that?

X) Lapel pins are one thing…did you realize that we also make keychains, embroidered patches, and challenge coins? HUH? Did ya????

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