Area 51

Area 51

Article by John B Galt

Area 51 is a secret Air Force base secluded deep within a wide-ranging tract of restricted government land in the remote Nevada desert. Area 51 is certainly no secret anymore as the US government no longer denies its presence, but they certainly still guard this area well with signs warning of deadly force authorized. Area 51 is where Francis Gary Powers and the other U-2pilots were trained in the 50s. Area 51 is a closed government facility; anyone wanting to take a trip to Groom Lake should be aware that you will not be allowed on or near this closed facility.


Area 51 is the frequent subject of UFO conspiracy theories. Area 51 shares a border with the Yucca Flats region of the Nevada Test Site (NTS), the location of many of the US Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons tests. Area 51 researcher Glenn Campbell claimed in 1994 that the base only declares a taxable value of million to the Lincoln County tax assessor, who is unable to enter the area to perform an assessment. Area 51 is featured in several novels by Dale Brown involving General Patrick McLanahan and his top secret Air Force technology, used by the “Tin Man” commandos. Area 51 is believed to be part of either Edwards Air Force Base in California or the Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada, even though pilots from those bases are forbidden to fly in Area 51’s airspace.


The designation “Area 51” is somewhat contentious, appearing on older maps of the NTS but not newer ones, yet the same naming scheme is used for other parts of the Nevada Test Site, and has been believed to have been a cover-up by the government. In 1995, the federal government expanded the exclusionary area around the base to include nearby mountains that had hitherto afforded the only decent overlook of the base. Nevada’s state government, recognizing the folklore surrounding the base might afford the otherwise neglected area some tourism potential, officially renamed the section of Nevada State Route 375 near Area 51 “The Extraterrestrial Highway”, and posted fancifully illustrated signs along its length.


Some of the unconventional activities claimed to be underway at Area 51 include: the storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft (including material supposedly recovered at Roswell), the study of their occupants (living and dead), and the manufacture of aircraft based on alien technology. Many of the hypotheses concern underground facilities at Groom or at nearby Papoose Lake, and include claims of a transcontinental underground railroad system, a disappearing airstrip (nicknamed the “Cheshire Airstrip”, after Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat) which briefly appears when water is sprayed onto its camouflaged asphalt, and engineering based on alien technology.

Area 51 is a top-secret underground military base in the middle of Nevada whose existence government officials long denied. Area 51 is a parcel of land in the Nellis Range Complex located about 30 miles south of the town of Rachel, Nevada. Area 51 is a secret military outpost inside Groom Mountain, Nevada. Area 51 is a secret governmental/Air Force testing site that has been the field of many conspiracy theories for decades.

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