Area 51 System

Area 51 System

Being able to control any social environment, instantly change anyone’s mind to agree with you and attract the girl of your dreams with mere body language could be an amazing feeling.  Area 51 System, as weird as it may sound, is a program claiming to put a person into a position to achieve the above mentioned results.  The system uses a combination of Hypnosis and Magic, call it a mix, to enable a person to achieve certain results or persuading other people in a certain way.  To put it in other words it fuses illusionism, mentalism and hypnosis techniques to create a form of mind control known as the Area 51 System.

Area 51 System claims a follower of the system convinced his boss to double his salary, met and married a beautiful woman and drives an expensive car, basically living a life like a star whilst actually being a normal nine to five working person.  The program claims after implementing and using the techniques a person can transform yourself into that person that everyone wants to know, have your worst enemies eating out the palm of your hand, by using memory extraction technique know what a person thinks, convince people to do what you want and learn anything in triple time but to name a few.

Area 51 System beginner’s course is being offered to the general public by Riley Dayne.  He was taught the system by the original founders called “the others” and yes it does sound like something from a sci-fi movie.  The system is based on a formula which would not make any sense writing it here but Riley claims he has been implementing the formula for a couple of years now and it has changed his life.  The system does not claim other hypnosis and mind programs are useless but rather proclaims that putting a lot of techniques together is what makes Area 51 System unique.  The program consists of nine videos, eleven CD’s and seven workbooks. 

Area 51 System claims it can be used in any social situation whether a person is single or married and might be worth considering as a kind of mind tool which can be used to persuade people.

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