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I have been mis quoted recently and I preface all of my material with WE DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS BUT TOGETHER WE CAN PUT THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER and get a GLIMPSE at the fantastical realm of the eleven dimensions that our light bodied essences exist within. Anything I say, such as you too can learn to inter & hyper dimensionally space travel by high frequency activation of your pineal gland, takes research and study into the endocrine gonad, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, pineal, and other glandular systems of the human body. I am a published SCIENCE FICTION writer but most of my material is substantiated with Material, Physical and Circumstantial EVIDENCE that is the weight for PERPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE in CIVIL LAW and slanted toward BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT when it quotes the evidence provided to WIKILEAKS. The BLOOD DNA of my forty-four autosomes and two CHROMOSOMAL DIPLOID COUNTS being extraordinary. I am a freak of nature according to the GENETIC scientists and have the documents to prove what I state. I also worked on ROTHR & HAARP for the United States Government on contract in the Black Operational community. The work was to expand my extra low frequency transmission capabilities which are beyond the normal human comprehension SENSORY spectrum range. I also have the capability to manipulate atomic molecular quark particulate matter to translucence, culminating in an orbing effect similar to what you are identifying as a UFO in the night sky. I have been told to shut it down by some federal authorities who contacted the county I live in. (Name Changed To Protect the Innocent) was told the same thing. Both of us just looked at each other and laughed, because we understood the spiritual nature of our existence and we have very little control if any within the third dimension of illusory reality.

In that regard we have over 1000 abductees within our 13,000,000 subscriber database on Northwest UFO Chasers. That 1000 represents 5% of the TRUTH out of statistical analysis presented to EXOPLOITICS in a white paper before the International UFO Congress.

Ther are over 50+ identified species living within our human SENSORY spectrum of perception of which there are Benevolent and Malevolent species. I am in direct contact with BENEVOLENT NORDIC alien intelligence from what you term adhil binary Pegasus Andromeda near M31 specifically an HB water retention home world.

Now basically until a few years ago I was like everyone else but the knowledge that is coming out of me now is through interchange with the librarian of universal knowledge that Edgar Cayce talked about, as well as the gift the NORDICS bestowed upon me in the modification of my DNA switch sets.

Sincerely,Gregory M Volz – Writer, Author, Researcher, Producer – Northwest UFO Chasers – http://acardworld.psend.com – The Main Video Library


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Sincerely,Author, Writer, Researcher, Producer – Gregory M Volz – Northwest UFO Chasers – http://nwufochasers.com

just a guy who worked for the black operational military industrial complex and learned to inter & hyper dimensionally space travel.

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