Illegal Alien Public Listing and Reporting Service

Illegal Alien Public Listing and Reporting Service

Article by Bob Collins

A new international illegal alien tracking system went online recently that empowers the public to safely and anonymously report illegal alien activity in the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, and most of western Europe. The system uses an automated database driven web application originally designed for classified advertising services capable of functioning at full capacity 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give you the latest reports of Illegal Migrant Workers, Illegal Alien Employers, Thieves, Drug Traffickers, Human Traffickers, Violent Criminals, and Unidentified Foreign Nationals (UFNs) in real time.

Proper categorization is a key feature of the International Illegal Alien Activity and Border Security Threat Tracking System where you can browse public reports that correctly distinguish between levels of seriousness when it comes to illegal alien activities. At the low end of the spectrum are peaceful migrant workers who are in countries illegally and the indigenous businesses that employ them. As you work your way up the totem pole of illegal immigration you encounter reports of people who commit property theft and financial fraud crimes before reaching the top where human trafficking and violent crime reports are located. The designation of Unidentified Foreign National (UFN) can also be used when reporting illegal aliens whose names are unknown. The UFN category has been used when citing news articles that contain pictures without names.

Illegal Alien Report employs a non-bias approach to an issue plagued by discriminatory accusations on both sides of the isle by delegating administrative tasks to an automated machine incapable of ethnic discrimination. Its features include a word filter for blocking ethnic slurs while at the same time inviting both sides of the debate to engage in constructive discussion in the Illegal Alien Report Border Security Forum. The sites illegal alien reporting feature allows you to report on both current and former illegal aliens in such a way that aliens themselves are welcome to write about their own experience as an illegal alien.

The site also has sections for immigration videos, news, and resources that are yet to be fully operational. For now viewers are greeted by under construction pages in news and resources, but the videos page has a full episode of South Park about immigrants from the future.

In closing Illegal Alien Report has the potential to be the next big thing in the endless debate on illegal immigration with an international service that emphasizes the international aspect of illegal immigration. Anyone can become an illegal alien and anyone can write a report on illegal alien activity.

About the Author

Bob Collins is a close student of international border security news and is the author of several reports on illegal aliens activities including the Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada Illegal Employer Report and the Pedro Espinoza and 18the Street Gang Violent Crime Report.

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