I Think We’re Property! Alien Property – An Outline of Alien Attitudes to Us

Alien Attitudes. *Actually Fort’s exact quote or a variation thereof, is apparently “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.” Regardless of the exact quote, IMHO, he’s spot-on!

*If we’re property, who or what is ultimately our owner? E.T., that’s who! Why?

Alien Attitudes*Based on conservative estimates (guesstimates?) of the number of interstellar travelling extraterrestrial civilizations there were in the galaxy, and how fast they could spread out and explore, the late Carl Sagan (astrobiologist and planetary astronomer) calculated that on average, each star in the Milky Way Galaxy should get a monitoring visit roughly once every 100,000 terrestrial years, more frequently in proportion to the more interesting the accompanying stellar system of planets were. Thus, Planet Earth should have received lots of monitoring visits over her vast eons of geologic time. So it shouldn’t be surprising that not only are we in various alien databases, but since we, as a biological planet, should get even more frequent visits. It’s just another version of the Fermi Paradox where is everybody? Well, they’ve been here! [1]

*Being a rather nice sort of planet, perhaps one or more of our cosmic visitors decided to set up shop on Earth, either as a place for a brief R&R (maybe they thought Mount Olympus or Mount Meru might make a nice resort location) or a ‘permanent’ home-away-from-home. Perhaps Planet Earth was colonized by extraterrestrials long before humans were dreamt of in anyone’s philosophy

*E.T. would have had no moral or ethical qualms about using Planet Earth as an R&R sport and/or base of operations way back then. There was no intelligent life and indigenous civilization already present the Prime Directive (assuming such a concept in real as opposed to the fictional Star Trek concept) would not apply.

*Now mythologies from around the world tell that the gods created humanity, which in itself is mysterious since there’s no intuitive reason for human myth-tellers to assume that humans needed creating in the first place. But that’s a separate story. The bottom line here is that humans were created. The gods created us, not out of a separate whole cloth, but via genetically engineering us from primate stock. We biologically evolved from the primate branch of zoology, but with a little bit of technological help from our friends, the gods.

*Further, recall that nearly all mythologies around the world credit the gods with not only creating humans, but giving humans the gifts of knowledge, culture, all the various skills and the intellectual and material tools central to domestic settlements needed to establish modern’ civilization, while at the same time archaeology records our extremely rapid transition from our hunter-gather mode of making a living to living in rural villages, towns and finally urban cities. So we’re created by, and we’re further indebted to, the gods to boot.

*Normally, if you create something, you own what you create unless you voluntarily give or sell it away transfer ownership elsewhere. I assume here that the gods didn’t sell us, trade us, or give us away!

*The general reason the gods created humans was to do the hard work and free the gods to do other things, no doubt of a more pleasurable nature. Humans were also created in order to serve the gods, and I assume that wasn’t to be voluntary servitude either.

*There’s nothing strange about that concept. There are lots of terrestrial parallels.

*Humans ‘own’ many fellow life-forms, from scientists owning laboratory rats, mice and rabbits to farmers with their cattle and sheep to everyday Joe Blow and his cats, dogs, and goldfish as pets.  Lots of animals ‘serve’ humans as food, as beasts of burden, as entertainment and in ‘sports’, be it hunting, fishing, cock-fights, bullfighting, thoroughbred or greyhound racing, rodeos, etc.

*Ownership of an intelligent life-form by another intelligent life-form is usually called “slavery”, which might be benign or harsh. There are many terrestrial examples of slavery as we’re all well aware, so it’s hardly an unknown concept.

*We are the slaves of the gods who created us.

*However, in my scenario, the gods aren’t gods, but ‘gods’  not supernatural deities but flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials.

*Throughout history, humans have often been subjected to traumas inflicted by various non-terrestrial beings; often called under a variety of names, from demons like the incubi and succubi to the UFO ‘greys’. Various entities, including the ‘gods’ can have their wicked ways with us and there’s nothing we can do about it.

*Modern UFO abductions have historical counterparts. The ‘greys’ are but elves and fairies (fairy-folk in general) in a modern context; the fairy-folk just the ‘greys’ in an historical context.

*The UFOs agenda is one of neither invasion nor take-me-to-your-leader, rather more one of scientific study including the concept inherent in the Zoo Hypothesis. We are ‘animals’  they are the zoo keepers. Alternatively, we are their ‘slaves’; we are their property; they are the masters and the owners.

*The UFO abduction ‘greys’ seem to be interested in humans mainly with respect to areas or aspects surrounding reproduction and genetics. These are the same sorts of areas required for the ‘gods’ to have ‘created’ humans in the first place, so maybe their grand plan is still unfolding!

*There’s an obvious parallel with aliens abducting humans. If humans are anything to be judged by, we abduct animals for all sorts of reasons, from the illegal trade in wildlife, to animals for zoos and safari parks, for medical research and biological research. With respect to the latter, wildlife biologists will often abduct, tag and release animals. Sound familiar? If animals communicate among themselves, their verbal history must be chockfull of abduction tales with humans the abductors.

*Okay, we’re the property of the UFO ‘greys’ and they feel they have every moral, ethical and legal right to have their wicked way with us.

*However, few will even remotely face up to this possibility, the probability that aliens are abducting humans for various and not too pleasant reasons, because the implications of the “I think we’re property” scenario are just too terrifying!

*Of course even in today’s realm, you, the reader, are in one real sense just the property and slave of society. You do not have the ability or right to do whatever you damn well please. Society can force you to do what society wants you to do (like get drafted into the armed forces, serve jury duty, pay taxes, obey the road rules and otherwise go along with a whole pot-load of ‘thou-shall-nots’) and you have no real say in the matter. You might be a willing slave; an agreeable slave, but you’re ultimately a slave nonetheless. Of course way back when, back in the days before we had democratic institutions and freely elected governments, there was rule by divine right, where kings and queens and emperors and empresses and pharaohs were ‘appointed’ and ‘approved’ by the gods, and by that divine right, you were property of that ruler and a subject required to carry out their every whim. They could do with you what they wished.

*It’s a sort of property/ownership hierarchy at work here. At the relativity lowest level you’re the property of the society you find yourself in. Society is the property of those ruling by divine (or elected) right – The Big Cheese (king, emperor, pharaoh, prime minister, etc.). The Big Cheese was the property of the gods (or God), at least way back when the Big Cheese survived at the whim of the gods (or God) and answered to the gods (or God). Of course the gods (including a God) were just the extraterrestrials that came to Earth eons ago, though today for the most part leave us pretty much to our own devices, apart from some monitoring and those abductions, the purpose of which isn’t entirely clear though the emphasis is certainly on reproduction and genetics. *Still however, I guess we have a mental case here of better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Being kidnapped/abducted and subjected to medical tortures by a human is bad; being kidnapped/abducted and subjected to invasive medical tortures by an extraterrestrial is worse. Things get uncomfortable when E.T. enters the equation.

*However, the worrying bit is that personal refusal to even acknowledge such a (“I think we’re property”) possibility because such an acknowledgement would mean throwing away your knowledge that you are in control, suggests the subject of alien abductions will never be dispassionately addressed. The most professional of us are at the core human, and this sort of scenario could easily cause the human to turn, not turtle, but ostrich and bury one’s head in the sand. Like a child hiding under the covers hoping the monster will just go away. Unfortunately, the alien abduction phenomena probably won’t go away that is.

*Sceptics in denial (it can’t be, therefore it isn’t my mind is made up’) will counter that UFOs (and by association abductions) are all misinterpretations, hoaxes and delusions, physical evidence (radar, photographs, motion pictures, ground markings, electromagnetic and physiological effects) be damned. However, there are two very logical facts that dispute any all in the mind’ hypothesis for UFOs (and associated abductions).

*One very telling point about ufonauts or UFO occupants (aliens associated with UFOs) and the aliens and scenarios behind alien abductions: in the case of the former, within the ranks of sci-fi (films, TV, novels, short stories, video games, etc.) the range of alien body-types is massive. If you can imagine it, it’s been done. However, the range of alien body-types associated with UFOs is way, way, way more limited. Imagination is not at the forefront here. With respect to the abduction plot, if you were asked to write a sci-fi story that started with the premise of UFO aliens abducting a human in their flying saucer’, the evolution of that initial plot element could take hundreds of different turns. Real abduction tales hardly differ from initial abduction to final resolution. Again, imagination isn’t coming to the forefront. If UFOs, UFO occupants and abductions are all in the mind, well the variety should be more akin to Heinz (57 varieties) squared.

*One common thread in the tales of abductees is some sort of invasive medical procedure(s) performed on them. Back in the real world, anybody undergoing a routine terrestrial medical, standard medical exam, blood donation, etc. will be able to count on one universal part and parcel of same. Their heart/circulatory system will be checked. There will be stethoscopes, blood pressure measurements, pulse rates taken, haemoglobin levels checked, etc. That’s nearly a given. However, in abduction scenarios, the ‘medicals’ never, but never, seem to include anything to do with the heart, veins, arteries, or associated blood chemistry. Now if abduction tales were all in the mind, all made up, entirely imaginary, you’d bet the family farm that the aliens would check your heart and blood pressure! They don’t!

*There’s one more interesting point to be made about the ‘greys’ behind UFO abductions. Horror author Whitley Strieber came out of the closet to tell the world that he too had been abducted by aliens – the ‘greys’ and wrote a best seller about it called “Communion” (plus sequels). Strieber’s claims, true or false, aren’t the point here. The image on the dust cover of “Communion” a head shot of a typical ‘grey’  well a picture is worth a thousand words or perhaps nightmares in this case. That image, on the front cover of his book in thousands of bookstores around the world had an amazing responsive chord with the public; it had a resonance with multi-thousands of ordinary people. It seemed to unlock hidden, repressed memories/experiences in many people. The question is why? If ‘greys’ don’t exist; in UFO abductions aren’t real, then that image should not have had the psychological impact it did.

*There is an interesting quasi-parallel between the 50’s contactees and the later abductees, even though the “Nordic” “Space Brothers” appear vastly different than the abductee’s “greys”. The contactees were pre-Hippy New Ager types. In contrast, many abductees seem to undergo quasi-New Age lifestyle changes post abduction(s). They may have become vegetarians, gave up smoking or drinking, joined community groups, started participating in charity work, developed ecological concerns and/or become overall a more spiritually-oriented being.

*In conclusion, UFOs have a right to invade our air space as Planet Earth is their turf, their real estate; their property. From the point of view of the ‘greys’, they have every right to abduct us, just because we’re property!

[1] Sagan, Carl & Shklovskii, I.S.; Intelligent Life in the Universe; Holden-Day, San Francisco; 1966; pages 450-452:

Science librarian; retired.

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