Fear of Aliens Can Help Haunted House Owners

Fear of Aliens Can Help Haunted House Owners. Stephen Hawking, world-famous theoretical physicist, said in a recent interview that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist – but that instead of seeking them out, humanity should avoid contact. No doubt many people agree with him. Aliens scare the heck out of people, something haunted house owners can use to their advantage. But, why do aliens scare us?

SETI - Fear of AliensA major reason people fear aliens is the fact they are a mystery. People are afraid of the unknown: death, sickness, a new boss, etc. Hawking even points out that aliens are an unknown factor. Hawking said that there are billions of galaxies and millions of stars. It is unlikely Earth is the only place life exists. But, he said, “The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like.”

Of course, we do not really know what aliens look like. (Although many people who claim to have seen aliens report them being about four feet tall with large eyes and long fingers.) We do not know if they are friendly or hostile. We do not know if aliens are abducting people-if you believe in abduction-for scientific, benevolent or evil reasons. It all comes back to the fear of the unknown.

Writer Stuart Wilde writes in his book Simply Wilde that, “Naturally we are scared to move into the unknown because our personality relies a lot on the symbols, psychological structures, and associations we develop. We become comfortable in a society, and with a group of people — work mates, family, and friends.”

Indeed, we like our society to stay the same and to see little alien grays landing on the White House lawn would certainly shake up society.

All this fear of aliens, the unknown, and change is just perfect for haunted house owners. We haunted house and home haunters can seize this fear in our neighbors and customers and bring it to the front of their minds. If you own a haunted house or set up a home haunt, you need to work in aliens. I’m not talking about cute E.T. From the early 1980s movie, I am talking about the aliens from horror and dark science fiction movies. I am talking about the aliens from the nightmares of abduction victims.

Again, to most of society, aliens equal fear. I encourage you to try creating an alien autopsy room. You will love the screams you get! And if aliens ever do land and we find out they are more like cute little Muppets and not brain-sucking monsters, well, we can apologize and buy them a cup of coffee.

Article by Scott Faubion. Scott Faubion is one of the owners of Halloween Hill, an online store that sells Halloween decorations, animated Halloween props, and handmade haunt items.

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