Do Aliens Exist?

Do Aliens Exist?

Article by Caroline Michelle

It’s a simple question that has been asked by almost everyone at some point in time in one way or another. Just uttering the question often brings thoughts of little green minions with disproportional big heads filled with giant black eyes. Pop culture has brought on a variety of enactments that help us visualize what alien creatures might look like. These fictitious imaginings are merely the work of overactive imaginations by science fiction writers and cartoonists. Actual undeniable evidence of aliens continues to elude alien hunters to this day.

The general consensus on the idea of alien existence is mostly apathetic. Most people go about their daily lives not evening thinking about extraterrestrials at all. Why should they? Abstract ideas often cut too deep into our daily lives to be worth considering. If aliens do exist they obviously don’t care much for the third rock from the sun. Do we not warrant contact? Do aliens consider us too primitive to be worth the trouble? Maybe the lack of contact really means we are alone after all.

While the general consensus is apathy, a surprising percentage of people do indeed believe we are not as alone in the universe as we once thought. This belief in existence is not only held by UFO and alien hunters. Earlier this year NASA and several other space administrations sent out a variety of messages into space. This is not the first time NASA has attempted to contact alien life forms either. For decades NASA has sent random messages and objects into space in an attempt to contact alien life. Not too long ago NASA sent out “Across the Universe” by the Beatles. Obviously NASA believes in life on other planets. The discovery of this life in the form of a full-fledged creature or bacteria has been their sole purpose since NASA put a man on the moon.

NASA is not the only credible source that believes in aliens. Many of the most intellectually gifted humans through time believed that aliens existed. This list includes intellectual giants such as Einstein and Stephen Hawking. The statistics are definitely in favor of alien existing somewhere in the universe. There are practically an infinite number of planets and solar systems throughout space. It has been proven and confirmed that the universe’s expanse is greater than we can comprehend. To think that not one other planet out there holds a single bacterium is ludicrous.

It seems only a matter of time before alien contact is made in some form or another. NASA scientists are claiming frozen ice caps on Mars. UFO sightings and alien abductions continue to occur at an almost exponential rate. Everyone is so worried about the answer to the question “Do aliens exist?” that most fail to realize the complications of such a discovery! We can’t even peacefully resolve issues between ourselves. Who is to say that should aliens arrive on earth they don’t obliterate or enslave us all? The sad part is that the answers to those questions are often left to the science fiction writers. In the meantime, we will just have to wait and see if aliens exist or not.

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