Are Aliens Real and is the Fourth Kind a True Story?

Are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? These are very contradictional questions. The human kind has tried to answer them for a long time now and still be can not find a single proof that it is true. However we can not find proof that it is not true.

Are Aliens Real?So, are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? Most people believe that it is true this is because it is only logical that we are not the only ones who live in the universe. There are many far away planets and galaxies out there. And maybe at one of them there are few planets that have the same geographical conditions that enable life for any kind to evolve there. And even if there are aliens somewhere far away from us we still have the problem of shortening the distance between us. The fourth kind movie is about a psychic mystery of missing people in Nome Alaska. It was believed that aliens did it and kidnapped them in their UFOs to another planet. All these people have never return to earth and the police is still trying to figure out what was going on there. Of course they don’t think it was an alien abduction but on the other hand they can not find any alternative explanations.

One day will come and we will have the answer for questions like Are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? Everything that happens has a reason but we don’t always see it. And there are many secrets and mysteries on earth. It is true that scientist try to reveal all kind of these questions, sometimes they succeed and sometimes they are clueless. So if you are looking for a straight answer then we currently don’t have it but you can do the research for yourself. In most of the times people just end this by believing it or not and go back to their daily life. Not everyone can dedicated his or her all time to this task of solving the aliens mystery but again, we can be sure that someday something will happen and we will get all of our answers.

The same thing goes with scary clowns – people like you and me that are hiding behind funny clothing and shinny makeup. But when we try to get a closer look we also get confuse. First they looks like cartoons from TV show, then we can not see their face mimes – if they are happy, sad or even want to hurt us and the last thing, again we can not really know what are they. They act funny like kids but they are adults and their gender is not always clear to us. And the worse of all is that they can do whatever they like without being punished, only because the society thinks that they are funny.

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Are Aliens Real?

When you consider what you are in the universe then consider your place as if you were all a family that no longer lives in one place, as it had when the family was born and grew up as a family unit.

Now the family has moved on. Its members live in different places; in this case, the members live in different parts of all of reality.

When members of a family live apart sometimes they lose touch with each other. They grow apart. Some will go on to study and to learn while others remain stagnant or live simple lives.

Over time, because of their separation, they forget about one another and even begin to change or evolve so completely that if they should ever meet again they would not recognize each other.

Ask yourself what happens when they might meet in the far future when one group has grown and advanced while the other group lives its life with no improvements on the technological side.

The simple one would be very surprised to meet his long lost relative. If the relative had developed new means of transportation or even traversed the plains of reality which you call dimensions, then there would be so much difference that one would not recognize the other as a former relative.

So now you see what we are saying. What you call intelligence was once formed as part of a development that consisted of many families. These families moved to other parts of the universe and even traversed other plains of existence. They grew apart in the extreme sense of the word. Their growth was enough that they even took on different forms of physical appearance.

Now some of the relatives have come to visit you. As it happens you are in the beginning stages of your own development. And it happens that when they visit you they are unwilling to announce themselves to you. It seems that you have gone in different directions in your development.

They come here as friends. They wish to cross the differences in any way they can without bringing notice to themselves for the time being.

Some of these relatives are even wishing to bridge the gap that has separated you. The experiments that you hear about in stories about aliens are merely stories about their attempts to make you more similar.

If you met a relative who was living in a primitive country would you wish to help them? You would want to help your brothers and sisters.

Now we reach another point in this discussion. If you found your relative suffering from a bad case of mismanagement of his resources and if it seemed that he was about to destroy himself and the habitat that he lives in would you not be alarmed? What steps would you take to help him out? If his environment was at the point of collapse you would wish to help.

So it is with many of the aliens. Some are here to help you. Some are here to look and then to leave. Others have developed to the point that seeing you die off is not important and they came and they left.

Open up to change! For there are those who care about you. Be prepared for vast changes in your lives. For your salvation has come in the form of long lost brothers and sisters. Be open, for their interests are for you to survive and to flourish as a species. They also wish to help you to reinvent your environment, for you have brought it to the brink of destruction.

As for my last words, I wish you to listen and to learn for there is much that you have not learned. Your religions have touched upon some truths and your science is also touching upon the truth. This is wonderful for you as a race, yet it is time to listen.

You will be as students who missed class a few times. You have the basic structure of knowledge but pieces are missing. A time will come in the not too distant future when your relatives will land their ships and cross-dimensional vehicles in order to invest of themselves in your development.

This time will be important. It will be long and it will cover more teaching than you can handle in one day or even in many days. Be prepared to study new technologies for many years.

When the time comes for your relatives to leave you, you will be ready to join with the larger community. In fact, you will rejoin your long-lost family.

Now go and have peace and patience for you will need this.

Joseph Schwartzman is an artist and a channeler. He has written the book “Creating Light, How to illuminate your life”. His new website is completely channelled and covers the topic of spiritual growth through meditation and channelling.

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