Aliens Want Our Sun! Spacecraft Seen 2012

Aliens Want Our Sun? I may be behind the times with this idea, but I was looking at some of the videos in the video section of this website (videos) and it seemed to me that there have been more sightings of UFOs in the vicinity of the sun recently than there were in previous years. This could be because our technology has improved or it could be because we are looking towards the sun more than we used to.

It crossed my mind that the aliens who are visiting Earth may not be very interested in us at all. They may simply be gathering food or other resources to sustain them while they are doing whatever they are doing to the sun. The sun may be a source of energy for alien spacecraft or they may have a system that enables them to draw off some of the sun’s energy and bring it to their home world, whatever that is.

Aliens Near our Sun

This is one of the photos of UFOs near the sun. Given that the sun is ninety-three million miles from Earth, this ship has to be vast. Why? Given the size of the ship, there must be enough population and technology to completely overwhelm Earth’s defences if they chose to. But, it is encouraging to think that they are not out to get us. They have another agenda. As long as they do no damage to the sun that might harm us in the short or long term.

Before the sceptics get started, let me say that the alien craft whatever it is, is not a scratch on the lens of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) or anything like it. It cannot be man-made since the materials we have would have been melted or burned to a crisp if we sent anything that near the sun. So, “it is not one of ours”.

What Do Aliens Want With Our Sun?

Sun UFO 2
Sun UFO 2

Aliens may have sent the UFO there to study the sun for purely scientific reason. But, of course we do not really know. Some of the governments of Earth may know if as we all suspect they are in touch with beings from other worlds, but these guys may be from somewhere else altogether. There are surely many races of aliens out there.

This second image of the UFO near the sun gives you a better idea of how close they are to the sun.Most of the shots of these UFOs and others have been released by NASA. This tends to add credibility to them since they are a government funded space research organisation. It is generally thought that NASA filters out the images that include alien spacecraft, but occasionally one or two get by them. Those photos are studied carefully by UFO investigators alike to see if there is anything that NASA has missed. But the two photos on the left clearly show something that must be intelligently controlled since nothing would orbit that close to the sun and survive for very long.

But, what if the aliens are here to protect us. They may know something about the sun that we do not. That massive UFO might be there fo make changes to the sun to stop or redirect a solar flare or something like that. After all it is unlikely that they need to absorb energy from the sun since they seem

to have the technology to cross large distances in space without stopping off at the local sun for a top up. There are more than a few differnt types of UFOs spotted near the sun. There is another view of the issue and a different photo here.

I would very much like to hear if anyone has any other ideas about what the aliens are up to out there at the sun. Please comment.

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