Abduction Experiences – Signs & Symptoms

Abduction experiences today are growing in frequency and are no less traumatic for their experiencers. The EXPANDING nature of the UNIVERSE is causing an atomic molecular decay to occur which feels like time passing to a human being. Within that TIME is the entire state of the cosmos as it marches across the sky and we in the year 2010 steadily move toward 2012. So get the whole story that will blow your frickin mind! A doomsday conspiracy to save the elite, but NOT YOU! We are just years away from destruction the likes of which no one has ever seen. Do scientists really believe the earth is headed for disaster in 2012? Are the elite building bunkers for the few and leaving the rest to ourselves.

Alien Abduction ExperienceAncient Prophecies, Lost Symbols, Solar Explosions, Under Ground Bunkers the 2012 Conspiracy. In 2012 there is going to be solar flare activity that will be of greater extent than anything that we have seen in the past. There are going to be solar flares that emit electromagnetic energy. The entire electrical grid could become disabled by the electromagnetic disturbance caused by solar flare activity. UNDERGROUND BASES! This is where there is a lot of conjecture about alien-human hybridization programs going on UNDERGROUND! There are seven levels at Area 51 and you need a TOP SECRET ULTRA UMBRA 7th level clearance to see the combined genetic DNA alien-human hybrid and clones! Now I digress and got way ahead of myself. Did I tell you that I was abducted! I was abducted by a benevolent alien intelligence that genetically modified my DNA switch sets so that I can communicate telepathically on an extra low-frequency transmission band. Many of us around the world are waking to the fact that we have been abducted, that we are seeing UFO’s in the skies everywhere, and in fact, some are in contact with alien intelligence. Groups are forming to discuss subject material surrounding alien abductions. One lady who’s name is Diane and her story follows with abductions.

Close encounters of the fourth kind, i.e. People making contact with unearthly beings.


Here is a list of some of the signs and symptoms of abductions and of being in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, I have personally experienced all of them:

  • wake-up with strange marks or bruises on your body that you did not have before going to bed
  • waking up paralyzed and in fear, sometimes seeing white all around, like laboratory white. (Not just sleep paralysis, though they are similar)
  • to be taken out of your body and be shown images and information on a very widescreen.
  • to have many dreams about UFOs, ETs, end of the world scenarios, spaceships or to be in a spaceship, robots, mythology or ancient civilizations
  • to wake up with convulsions ( and you do not suffer from epilepsy)
  • to wake up without your nightclothes on
  • being depressed for no reasons, periodically, and feeling very tired, and confused
  • to have a very short memory, it’s as if your memory process is blocked, I  personally cannot remember my childhood, it is like a blur.
  • you feel there are beings in your room, especially at night, THIS IS VERY STRONG it has nothing to do with imagination, you know they are there.
  • you are afraid to close your eyes and go to sleep, this is also periodic.
  • you have a growing interest in star constellations, physics, ecology, astrophysics, mythology, ancient civilizations.
  • you may feel a very deep connection with the cosmos and have a deep respect for all life
  • to have many nosebleeds
  • to have a ball of light appear to you
  • flickering streetlights or streetlights going off while walking
  • to have a buzzing sound in one ear that comes and goes over a long period of time
  • to have a strong impression of having information coming from your cells, this might sound like crazy stuff but it could be related to DNA transformation or upgrading
  • becoming very sensitive to universal/cosmic laws
  • feeling extremely different from others and having struggle with self-esteem (as a human being as opposed to personality or ego)
  • waking up like you’ve been thrown down and feeling puzzled
  • double-checking the doors if they are locked before going to bed

Abduction Experiences vary in intensity and activity, but there are many common threads that many abductees do not often talk about.

About the Author: Gregory M Volz – Northwest UFO Chasers, just a guy who worked for the black operational military-industrial complex and learned to inter & hyper dimensionally space travel.

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