A different approach to the alien theory

A different approach to the alien theory

Article by Simon Bridge

There has always been a clash in what we see and what we believe. Life is all about how we perceive it. Some consider it beautiful, some consider it to be struggle and some perceive it as a school of learning. There has been and there always will be a difference in our perceptions. What changes the facts are how we perceive them. For example, if we take half a glass of water, to some it looks to be half empty and to some it looks to be half full. In short, to every theory there is a difference in opinion as to how we see it. Similarly, when we talk about ‘Aliens’ or the ‘Alien world’, there are different opinions and views about the existence. The very word makes us imagine all that is supernatural. We have seen a lot of movies about the Alien world. Can you recall the funny characters with a horn on the head, or robotic eyes or the 2 feet high powerful computerized forms?There is a common perception about this word, which gives us the creeps.

We all have heard of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). A lot of people even claim to have seen such spaceships from the alien world which none of us have ever seen. It has only been in stories so far, nothing concrete has ever come up. Far sighted claims and deep research have revealed nothing which proves that such a world exists.

The important question is, do aliens and a different world really exist? Or are they just a part of our imagination? Again, the same conclusion…Who knows??

Do we ever think that each of us has a common characteristic? That is, we all are “aliens”. Yes, it’s true!! Each one of us is an alien, alien to each other, alien to life around us and even alien to ourselves. I am an alien, you are an alien, everyone is an alien!! At times, when we are confused, when we are lost, when we can’t feel what we want to, when we want to say something and can’t express it, when we fight our heart and mind, we all say, “I feel so alien!!!!!!!!”

“Bull’s eye!”

When we all confess that we are aliens, then what are we researching for? What do we want to prove?? More aliens!! Is that what we want to hear??

Then,why does this word make us imagine what we have seen in the movies or what we have read in books and novels. The word has a simple meaning,it means ‘unidentified’ or ‘unknown’.As we all are, unknown to each other,unknown to life,unknown to ourselves.

We as humans are here to live, to feel and to learn.Life as a whole is a learning process. If we think of life,it is so ‘alien’. So the best way is to know more, know and respect things and people around us, know ourselves more and, the uneasiness,the restlessness and the creepy feeling vanishes and we all are left with one feeling, to learn more, to love each other more and above all love ourselves more.

We are here to live.So live life and spread the word of love, of peace and harmony, and we wont be aliens anymore!!!

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