Tackling the Mysterious Case of the “Alien Baby”

Tackling the Mysterious Case of the “Alien Baby”

Article by Miguel Carlos

For centuries, man has been mystified and amazed with stories about aliens, UFO’s and the existence of life on other planets and galaxies. And although there have been thousands of reported alien or UFO sightings around the world, no one has concretely provided enough evidence to shore up their facts, or assumptions. Let’s take an otherwise serious look at the strange case of the “alien baby”.

Alien Baby Found In Mexico

In 2007, a Mexican farmer named Mario Lopez was reported to have found a strange, extra-terrestrial looking creature in a farm field. The discovery shocked Lopez, and as a result he drowned the creature in a nearby ditch. In a few months or weeks, Mario Lopez also died in mysterious circumstances, where he burned to death inside his vehicle. While the tale of Mario Lopez was described as pure tabloid trash by critics, many still consider his case to be a serious and bizarre incident, because it featured the discovery of what is referred to as the “alien baby”.

What Further Research Says About the “Alien Baby”?

The mystifying creature that Mario Lopez discovered was taken by university researchers to a laboratory, so that further tests can be conducted. Lab researchers found out that the suspected extra-terrestrial creature had a large brain, a lizard-like skeletal system, and teeth that didn’t have any roots. The creature was also noted to have the ability to stay underwater for longer periods. While critics dispute that the “alien baby” was simply copied from the likes of Roswell, since it looked like any science fiction creature, the video provided by researchers provided some believable clues. In the video, the extra-terrestrial being had the size of a human hand. And while the nasal configuration or dental features didn’t look as impressive as the sci-fi monsters created by Stan Winston or George Lucas, the case will nevertheless fan the flames of suspicion regarding the existence of unidentified flying objects and alien creatures.

The mysterious death of the Mexican farmer also adds an extra twist to the discovery of the “alien baby”. Because Mario Lopez died in very inexplicable circumstances, many questions have been raised with regards to how and why he died. Some suggest that Mario was burnt to death by other extra-terrestrial creatures, to avenge the death of the “alien baby”. Others, however, attribute his death as a plain accident, or a case of simple carelessness. Nevertheless, whether the “alien baby” turns out to be a hoax or true discovery, the question of aliens and the existence of life outside our galaxy will continue to linger in the minds of many people.

About the Author

Mario Lopez’s discovery of a weird-looking creature in the middle of a farm field in Mexico continues to puzzle many. Whether the <a href=”<http://www.alienbaby.net>”>alien baby turns out to be a true, or a plain hoax, will remain to be of greater interest to many. Visit AlienBaby.Net today.

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