New UFO Sightings – UK Government Publish Latest XFiles

New UFO Sightings — UK Government Publish latest XFiles – Just about everyone has a viewpoint on the phenomenon known as UFOs. You may debunk UFO’s and assert that anyone who claims to have seen a UFO (not to mention been ‘abducted’ by or witness to a UFO ‘abduction’) is either mistaken, easily influenced, mad or possibly all of the above.

Maybe you believe unconditionally in the existence of UFOs simply because of the volume of published UFO sightings or perhaps you have personal experience of the mysterious phenomena known by the generic term Unidentified Flying Objects.(in which case we invite you to share it with us via our web site at the end of this article).

This author’s mind is jammed firmly open regarding the UFO experience…you have to admit that, given the worldwide volume of ‘evidence’ on the subject of the UFO phenomenon or of phenomena that combine under the heading of Unidentified Flying Objects, it would be rather closed-minded to write off every recorded case of UFO experiences as mere tricks of the mind or eye or hoax. Even if you’re a total sceptic, we invite you now to read on…

Consider the Rendlesham Forest incidents — aka ‘The UK’s Roswell’ taken from the UK’s Ministry of Defence files:26 Dec 1980 — Rendlesham Forest

Early in the morning of 26 December 1980, from RAF Woodbridge’s East Gate in Suffolk, sentry duty staff witnessed strange coloured lights, hovering just above the tree line of the adjacent Rendlesham Forest. Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston, Airman First Class Edward Cabansag & A1C John Burroughs entered the forest by jeep to investigate the phenomenon. A radio transmission from Heathrow Airport confirmed that an object had been detected in the area.

Now some distance into the forest, Penniston and Burroughs lost radio contact with Cabansag. In a clearing, they noticed a small, shiny object with a bank of blue lights on it just sitting there, completely stationary. Penniston described it as triangular in shape, three meters tall and wide. The shell was smooth and opaque, like black glass. White light encompassed most of the upper section of the craft. It was dead silent. He saw and touched symbols inscribed or engraved on it like diamond etched glass. As he did so the light became brighter. The craft moved up off the ground, started slowly weaving back through the trees at a very slow pace, then rose up over the trees to about 200 feet. And with the blink of an eye it was gone…all with no sound.

Cabansag, who waited with their jeep, also observed an object or UFO with a belt of coloured lights around it. 28 Dec 1980 — Rendlesham Forest

Charles Halt, Deputy Base Commander, was involved with a subsequent UFO encounter on 28 December 1980 at Rendlesham Forest. He recorded the now famous ‘Halt Tape’ and also wrote a memorandum which he sent to the MoD.

On that night Halt was alerted to further unusual light cluster sightings within Rendlesham Forest and took an RAF patrol and the local Police Lieutenant into the forest to investigate. They witnessed a strange glowing object around 100-200 meters away zigzagging behind the pine trees. Halt later described the object as having the appearance of an eye, dark red with a darker section in the middle much like a pupil. One theory later proposed, was that Orford Ness Lighthouse, six miles, away causes strange optical effects in the fog though Halt had stated that they could see the lighthouse off to the side of this object by about 30 degrees that object they all saw was no lighthouse, that it was dancing about in the forest disappearing, reappearing, then proceeded to move at a quicker rate away from them.

Halt and his team gave chase. The object led them a nearby field where it rested in the middle. It was yellow and red and would occasionally flash and throw off sparks like molten metal. Then, for no obvious reason, the object silently exploded into 3 to 5 separate white lights. There was no sound, just a bright flash. One of the objects began beaming laser-like beams of light down over Rendlesham Forest and RAF Woodbridge and then disappeared

Halt’s Commander, at his home at RAF Woodbridge, saw the beams of light falling down, as did people in the weapons storage area and several other places on the base. Halt later said that the object which was sending beams of light down to the ground was ‘certainly under intelligent control’.

A Sergeant Bobby Ball stated that the objects appeared to be searching for something, ‘…to me, it looked like a grid search like they were boxing off an area and looking for something. ‘Real Life X Files now available!

While we fully appreciate that some reports of UFO activity have been explained away — possibly with some justification on many occasions — as astronomical or meteorological phenomena, conventional aircraft, optical illusion or deliberate hoaxes, we invite you to dig a little deeper and see what gems you might unearth.

The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom, following a barrage of requests for information under the recently implemented ‘Freedom of Information Act’, opted to disclose its complete archive of reported sightings of unexplained objects in the skies around the UK.

These records and sketches, released in February 2010 are the fifth instalment released by the MoD relating to reported experiences of encounters with unidentified flying objects within UK airspace. Examples are: UFOs over Chelsea Football Club, over former Home Secretary Michael Howard’s house, near-misses between UFOs and passenger planes and includes papers relating to the Rendlesham Forest incidents.

For a limited period of 1 month, this information is available to download in PDF format absolutely free of charge. The Government’s intention will be to charge a fee in future so if you’re quick you can download the complete archive for free and study at your leisure — you never know what you may uncover.

Ministry of Defence UFO archive is available at:


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