Are UFO Sightings Still a Mystery?

UFO Sightings Still a Mystery? UFO is the abbreviation for unidentified flying objects that are the mystery of the sky. It is still a mystery if they exist or not. There are many reports on area 51 aliens by competent observers of objects which cannot be identified by the witness and remain unidentified after investigation by competent investigators. These appearances indicate that they were manufactured and the flight behavior indicates that they were manufactured somewhere other than the Earth. In addition, they seem to be under intelligent control. Many of these reports are confirmed by multiple witnesses and corroborated by trace evidence such as radar, photographs, video and landing marks. Some of these objects interfere with national defense systems such as nuclear warheads.

While these objects seem to be under intelligence control, their source is a matter of speculation. When considered along with the testimony of those involved in the abduction phenomenon, it appears likely there is not just one type or origin called as aliens. In addition to the question of where they may come from, it also becomes necessary to ask when they may come, as witnesses commonly report distortions of time during encounters. This indicates that there may be a technology involved that can manipulate time as we know it.

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Many books have been written that detail the Roswell Alien Autopsy incident. Researchers have demonstrated that the first newspaper headlines most likely got the story straight: “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.” The series of events and witness testimony is well documented by Stanton Friedman and others. Apparently, something happened and the Air Force’s report in 1997 was meant to finally put a rest to the crashed saucer claims and really could not succeed. For example, the crash test during Roswell Alien Autopsy dummies that are supposed to explain the alien bodies recovered in no way match the description from witness accounts. The dummies were 6 feet tall, 175 pounds and were not used until 1953.

The Air Force report on Roswell Alien Autopsy also did not explain witness testimony that describes the crash debris as “memory metal” that could not be cut, torn or bent. The lightweight beams with strange symbols could also not be broken or burned. The rancher who reported the wreckage was familiar with weather balloons because he had found them before. Major Jesse Marcel and RAAF base commander Colonel Blanchard was both familiar with weather balloons. Blanchard made the decision that the wreckage that had been recovered initially was important enough to fly it to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

UFO Sightings in the UK 1954
UFO in the UK 1954

Witnesses still describe how they were instructed to never speak of what they saw or they may end up in a desert grave. Roswell Alien Autopsy and area 51 incident is still a mystery for the scientists. There are many online sites that provide information on UFO sightings. The internet surely has plethora of information on this subject about UFOs. Visit a reliable site that will provide detail information about the incident.

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