The UFO Enigma

The UFO Enigma. Famous abduction cases, such as the Travis Walton situation, have been popularized in books and movies, along with the occurrence being validated by means of polygraph tests administered to all parties involved. While this may not be proof positive that aliens are generally abducting humans and performing experiments and surgical procedures on them, it does raise questions which use no ready answers. Investigators worth mentioning sightings and abduction reports call themselves Ufologists, and now have precise scientific methods meant for investigating the reports people receive. While many of your methods and findings are usually not recognized by the scientific community overall, it does raise this question of why many people would risk their reputations and careers while in the scientific world by becoming needed for paranormal investigations such seeing that these. Logic would say you need to have something to the UFO and additionally aliens question, for the property to take such risks.

How Much Does the US government Really Know?

UFO EnigmaDoes our government actually know more about the UFO event than we think, or are we slightly below the illusion that that they know? And has the us government instigated cover-ups because they know too much, or because they know not enough? Are they trying to hide the point that they’re just as much at nighttime as we are? Perhaps the us government is slow in relieving information to “we the public” since they don’t have all what exactly is it either. But they most probably have more than us. So either way, they’ve been several steps ahead folks. Even when they start to release material to the public good Freedom of Information Take action, little by little, how much of this is continue to disinformation? Will they ever inform us the truth, and especially reality of how much many really know? As much as the government and its limbs don’t want us to be aware of anything about the UFO concern, likewise, it’s questionable what amount of they really know. Our government is said to be brimming with “Intelligence, ” but likely that’s a false supposition. If they had more or less everything wonderful intelligence information, the government could have prevented this 9/11 catastrophe. I suspect the aliens body there’s no real smart life down here that is known.

Perhaps the government is too paranoid for the own good, and it fears that your extraterrestrials are hostile, and so our trusted leaders making the effort protect us. But it’s possible these extraterrestrials aren’t seriously hostile, but they’re just overly curious about us human beings, and life on earth in general, so we perceive them to be intruders, especially when you give consideration to alien abductions and peculiar implants and cattle mutilations for example. Although people survived the 1938 “War for the Worlds” radio scare, the moment many citizens actually notion we were being taken away by Martians, I believe we have been desensitized enough over all the years, and especially ever seeing that we became more fully aware of an ET presence here due to famous Roswell crash of 1947. Therefore, if we all ever do experience what precisely science fiction writers telephone “First Contact, ” we have now at least sixty many years preparation behind us. Let’s basically hope the hostile strange invasion scenario remains along with science fiction, because I’d rather we have now friendly contact.

Article by Marvin Melton. Martin claims the particular aliens, flying aboard ‘The Excellent Mother Ship’ to which he’s taken every time she’s willingly “abducted, ” have given him this knowledge in order that he can produce and sell hand-drawings these symbols, which will allow passage aboard mom Ship when the The planet is ‘transformed’ in 2012. Martin claims that all symbol is uniquely tuned to its buyer.

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