George Green Magnetic Motor – It Blew Away the UFO Conference, Will it Blow You Away?

George Green Magnetic Motor – It Blew Away the UFO Conference, Will it Blow You Away?

The George Green magnetic motor created much fanfare when it was first introduced at a UFO conference several years ago. Could it be a real example of a working device that could be used in every household to generate their own electricity? In this article, I’ll take a closer look.

The George Green Tabletop Magnetic Motor

The motor itself is much smaller than other, similar, experimental magnetic motors. It consists of a small cut cross-section of plastic pipe (probably PVC) approximately one inch thick.

The inside circumference of this section is covered in plastic fridge magnets obtained from radio shack. Green’s model consisted of 14 magnets but leaving a small radius without any magnets at all.

The core of the motor features a rotor that is nothing more than a speaker magnet mounted to a ball bearing. It resembles a spinning top.

The Demonstration

The demonstration of this technology blows most people away the first time that they see it. The section of pipe with attached magnets is slowly brought down with a hand and passed over the rotor. Incredibly, the rotor starts to spin and does so indefinitely!

To see something spinning (and overcoming frictional losses) simply due to a set of magnets being held over it is quite incredible. Clearly this is yet another, albeit novel, example of magnetic motor generator technology.

What Are The Real Life Applications Of This Technology?

Commercial products are around 5 to 10 years away but currently under heavy development. Experimental motors have been around for a couple of decades but turning that into an industrial scale motor takes far longer to develop.

However, you can already use a magnetic motor generator in your own home. A typical DIY model will provide of the order of 7 kilowatts which is sufficient to run most homes. My only recommendation to you is that you get hold of a decent set of plans/instructions before you start, otherwise you can expect a major headache in trying to get a device working.

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