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UFO World News. This wealth of facts delivers UFO investigators and enthusiasts with the power to analysis, compare and contrast and include to our awareness database, which furthers the scientific review of UFOs. The latest case in point of how technology has enabled information and facts from diverse elements of the planet and even distinct instances to shed light on similarities of the UFO phenomenon can be discovered in comparing reports of three various sightings of a ring in the sky.

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

UFO World NewsThe first sighting was produced in 1953 at Fort Belvior, Virginia. Fifteen witnesses at a U.S. Army military facility spotted a flawlessly symmetrical ring or circle in the sky, which was relocating rapidly. The military’s explanation was that the circle was a smoke ring from an atomic bomb simulation.

Doswell, Virginia

The 2nd ring in the sky sighting was in 2009 at King’s Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia. Very same attributes as the 1953 UFO sighting, even so, this distinct ring hovered in the sky over the park. The amusement park asserted that the smoke ring was brought about by a single of their rides nonetheless, many persons witnessed the object and have been selected it was something not of this universe.


The 3rd ring was sighted in 2010 in Kosovo. Authorities generally assume this ring in the sky is also triggered by some sort of smoke, and undoubtedly that argument is extremely compelling. Nonetheless once again, the worldwide web has produced it doable to consider 3 individual incidents and watch their similarities in a way that no other generation has been able to accomplish. These rings have been sighted in numerous nations all over the world, but only in this day and age, do we have the technologies to place all the pieces jointly.

It would be simple to take the government’s assertion that the 1953 ring was because of to smoke, but the reality that numerous sightings, pics and movies are now readily available that indicate these similar styles of rings are currently being noticed all about the world in non-military places proves that there is undoubtedly anything to check out.

As scientists are capable to document and study incoming information, we draw closer to remaining capable to recognize and hopefully a single day demonstrate just what these unidentified objects are, the place they come from and reply the timeless issue: do aliens exist? UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects – Flying Saucers, no matter what you care to simply call them, and whether or not you think in them or not, there are also several sightings to be absolutely dismissed. Here’s an excellent a single extracted from written by “EJR” previous chief of the Air Force’s venture for investigating UFO reviews.

The incident took place at Luke AFB, Arizona, the Air Force’s state-of-the-art fighter-bomber school that is named immediately after the well-known “balloon buster” of World War I, Lieu¬tenant Frank Luke, Jr. It was a sighting that produced some extremely exciting pictures.

There had been only a few substantial cirrus clouds in the sky late on the early morning of March three 1953 when a pilot took off from Luke in an F-84 jet to log some time. He had been flying F-51s in Korea and had lately begun to look at out in the jets.

Article by Lisa Barber. Member of Mufon for many years, UFO’s fascinate me but it’s possible not like you think. I do not assume they are from outer space. Much more likely just military or experimental aircraft or other natural phenomena.

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