Top 10 UFO Sightings 2000 to 2011

Top 10 UFO sightings post 2000. London is the latest municipality in the world where sightings of alien floating flying saucer or UFOs have been reported. However, globally, UFOs have apparently been sighted several times. Here are the top 10 recent flying saucer sightings:

Missouri: ufo sightings Metallic objects shaped like disks were seen floating over Lee’s Summit on May 16, 2011. The object radiated green, blue and red coloured lights. The sighting was claimed by more than 5 people.

Moscow: People reported seeing 11 orange in the air objects in Novosibirsk and Saint Petersburg on June 21, 2008. Four days later, comparable reports came in from UK.

Australia: On October 5, 2010 reports came in from an Australian adolescent who recorded the in the air object near his house in the east coast region of Australia.

Wales: Reports came in that a police helicopter was almost taken down by a flying machine. The helicopter later tried to follow the in the air object. On the same day, June 20, 2008, more than a hundred people said that they had seen a flying machine in different areas of Wales.

Norway: A huge, circular, spinning white light was spotted over the Norwegian skies on December 9, 2009. The light was trailed by a blue tail. The country’s media and space centre were flooded with calls.

Turkey: Within six months, in 2010, more than 1,450: flying saucer sighting incidents were reported in Istanbul, Ankara, Alanya and Antalya. More than 350 sightings were recorded. About 54 of these recordings were analyzed and found out that they were not natural or man-made.

New York City: On October 13, 2010, white cylinder-like flying saucer was seen over the skies of New York which claimed hundreds of witnesses. The ufo was barely visible due to their altitude. One man claimed that initially there was only one object, but later more could be seen which positioned themselves in different shapes.

New Zealand: ufo sightings: unknown lights were seen from flying saucer in the sky over Tutukaka.

Colorado: Red triangular flying objects were seen this time in the air over Lafayette, Colorado. Several people witnessed and recorded the incident.

London: Circular in the air UFO was seen more recently over the London skies on June 24, 2011. The objects were spotted over the BBC building as flying “white dots.”

Top 10 Ufo Sightings Post 2000

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