Exposing the truth: Extraterrestrials in Biblical Times

Exposing the truth: Extraterrestrials in Biblical Times. Extraterrestrials are a controversial topic that many are quick to hop on opposite sides of the battlefield on. Just like the human race, many are oblivious to the truth, thinking that Earth is the only planet within our vast universe that can host complex life forms. Even as evidence comes into the light regularly, people still think as though we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. Funny to think they choose to believe in a supernatural being over something that can be scientifically proven, but what if I told you Jesus was an incident based on extraterrestrial beings?

Extraterrestrials in Biblical TimesDuring this time, people were already having experiences with other-worldly beings. Coming in what they call “flying boats”, the Egyptians speak of beings coming from the Heavens to teach the human race technology. Aliens gave Egyptians insight on future technology thousands of years ago. “Egyptian hieroglyphics carved thousands of years ago depict images of modern-day helicopters and submarines”. How is this possible? In the original Mona Lisa painting, the artist added some “additional” pieces to the image. In the background, something that looks like a UFO was painted in the sky. Back in those times, flying vehicles were not created, let alone any kind of vehicle.

Extraterrestrial beings are said to have roamed the Earth long before humans ruled the planet. By “ruled the planet”, this can be interpreted into meaning “civilized humans”. Technology wasn’t around at all. The Great Pyramid was built thousands of years before civilized humans roamed the Earth. The largest pyramid in the world is “built in the middle of the Earth, literally”! Coincidence?

God, Jesus and angelic entities are always associated with colourful lights, so is UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. Biblical figures are said to come from the Heavens, so are UFOs. How would someone back then be able to tell a God from a flying saucer when flying machines were unknown during this time period? Could it be that Jesus was actually an extraterrestrial being?

Article by Lamont Williams. Mayan science, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and UFO evidence. http://hubpages.com/hub/Why-you-shoudnt-smoke-weed

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