UFO Crash Before Roswell Incident

Another UFO Crash? Not known to many people, there was another visitor from outside the Earth and crashed in 1897 in Aurora, Texas. The incident happened around six in the morning when the ship crash landed into Judge Proctor’s windmill. The UFO and the pilot inside almost completely scattered into pieces.

The incident prompted the town people to check the crash site and discovered what they described as a small entity not from Earth that was severely disfigured. They called the alien they discovered the Martian pilot. They then decided to bury the dead body in the cemetery nearby with headstone where it still lays to rest until now, but the headstone is no longer there as it has been reportedly stolen.

During the cleaning process of the UFO’s wreckage the locals reportedly found strange writing, which they believed alien in origin. The writing was found in some pieces of wreckage of what looked like a disc-shaped object.

UFO CrashThe residents in the area tried to pick up pieces of the wreckage from a well and examined them along with sample soil. They eventually confirmed that the soil sample and pieces have a high amount of aluminum. After the spread of the report, investigators have searched the well, but failed to find any material objects or anything that would possibly be part of a UFO.

Investigators and reporters have covered the story from the start and agreed that many people did witness the incident including the burying of a small alien body. As expected, military reports and government statements say that the UFO was not alien in origin and must have been something else or the incident did not happen at all.

But one government officer officially stated that the entity discovered in the wreckage was a native of the planet Mars. He is Mr. T.J. Weems, the government signal service officer and famous for his work on astronomy. Exhumation of the apparent alien body for comprehensive testing has been requested by the public for years but to no avail. NY Times article reported that people are not sure the exact location of the body with some saying that the story is not true. Others claim they can locate the alien body and say that it should be exhumed to finally end speculations about the story whether it’s true or not.

UFO Crash Before the Famous Roswell Incident

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