Are UFO’s Fact Or Fiction

Are UFO’s Fact Or Fiction

Article by James McLean Bowie

UFO – Science or Sheer Science Fiction

UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Object. There has been quite a lot said and heard over the years about sightings of possible or actual alien spacecraft, many of these sightings may include objects like meteors, disintegrating satellites, flocks of birds, aircraft, lights, weather balloons, or just about anything moving within the visible band of electromagnetism. However, so far, it would appear that everything which has been said about these sightings has turned out to be a just gossip or fiction. This is because our senses and science require logics and proofs, and so far, no one has been able to produce actual proof that could help to positively identify any UFO sighting as an alien spacecraft. No one has been able to produce any physical evidence to support of their claim that they have seen alien spacecraft or actual aliens. Ofcourse, the possibility of some government agencies having proof of such things is a strong one. If any government agency anywhere in the world does have such proof it is highly unlikely that they would share this with the general population.

Are UFOs Science A Science Fiction?

Well, we are not in a position to say anything for definite as of now. If we study the history of the sightings related to UFO, we would come across many things that indicate a whole world of unknown truths. Still, nothing can be said for certain. If we talk about the evidence, well, we have an huge array of such evidence, but none of this is very reliable.

Take for example the large number of photographs which have been published of UFOs. They all appear blurred and many of these are quite obviously forgeries. Again, many people talk about physical evidence, such as alleged debris from alien crashes, or scorch marks on the ground apparantly from alien landings, or implants in noses or brains of alien bodies, etc. But, when science does its job, most of these alleged physical evidences turn out to be terrestrial and or just forgeries.

Reasons Why People Believe in UFOs

Despite there being no reliable proof that we know of to support the existence of UFOs, most of the world still believe that there are such things. Well, the main reason why people believe in such objects is the testimony of people who claim to have been witness to alien events. They claim to have seen things of alien origin and their questionable interpretations of visual experiences force us to rethink. However, there are of course many other reasons for this. For example, mankind has a typical nature and it will not be an exaggeration that most of us are unable to distinguish science fiction from science fact. Because of our human nature, most of us have an overwhelming desire to contact other worlds, and this gives us cause to believe in UFOs. This desire is so strong that we are quite open to suggestion and are quite willing to trust incompetent people who tell us fantastic stories.

Overall, one of the most important facts which should be noted is that those people who claim to have watched the UFO are mostly untrained sky watchers. No professional or amateur astronomer has ever made such claims. This is the reason why UFOs would appear to be sheer science fiction instead of being science fact.

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