The Roswell Incident: July 1947 – Fact or Fiction

The Roswell Incident: July 1947

Dateline, Roswell, New Mexico, July, 1947:

The basic story is that a civilian farmer came across some debris wreckage located at some distance from the nearest town of Roswell, New Mexico, of something that he could not identify and thus, thinking this an important discovery, ultimately notified the proper authorities, in case the debris was something of significance. The local officials, thinking the debris had to be military in nature, notified the nearby Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). The base commander sent out an intelligence officer who collected some of the material, showing same to his family. After that, he duly reported his findings and eventually, all of the debris was collected, shipped firstly to Texas, then apparently on to another base far removed from the original site. The questions are, what was the nature of the debris; why has the official story of what was discovered so often been changed, and is there anything that can be read into the incident that would lend credibility to the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH)?

Starting with that point immediately related to the UFO ETH, are unconfirmed tales and rumours of alien bodies associated with the Roswell incident. I mean, it all makes sense if the Roswell incident involved a crashed alien spaceship you’d expect alien bodies. Unfortunately, that trail is fairly cold, but a trail nonetheless.

However, and unfortunately, recovered alien bodies’ are the biggest ‘giggle’ factor detrimental to any credibility about the Roswell Incident. Why this should be so is beyond me for, again, if UFOs are ‘manned’ by aliens, and if a UFO crashed, then it stands to reason that there will be alien bodies too alive or dead. Of course one could argue that maybe the UFOs aren’t ‘manned’, but remote controlled drones we have such things ourselves. Maybe the alien is actually a form of extraterrestrial artificial intelligence an onboard machine intelligence that controls/pilots the UFO, and resulting crash debris one couldn’t tell the difference between the remains of the ‘pilot’ from the rest of the nuts and bolts. But back to the bodies by analogy, on balance, it would seem odd for an airliner to crash and there be no bodies. I find the idea of ‘alien bodies’ to contribute no extra ‘giggle’ factor to the Roswell incident.

However, as if to confirm the UFO ETH, one must point out that the then US Army Air Force admitted publicly, in the media, in newspapers, on radio, that they had captured one of those mysterious (and only recently in the limelight the modern UFO era was just weeks old) flying discs. No amount of back-pedalling can alter that now historical fact. It’s on the record. Look it up yourself!

Was There Really a “Roswell Incident”?

Clearly something crash landed near Roswell in New Mexico in July 1947. That’s not under any doubt. Clearly the RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) admitted it had captured a flying disc. That’s not under any dispute. Clearly the RAAF (or on orders from higher USAAF authority US Army Air Forces) changed the story the next day to one of retrieval of a downed weather balloon. That’s not under dispute. The (now) USAF has in fact changed the story a couple more times in the decades since. It’s still a balloon, but now one that was the top secret Project Mogul (keeping in mind it was the Project Mogul mission, not the materials that were top secret so why gather up and cart away the materials). As to the bodies (those alien bodies noted above) well they were test crash dummies. Unfortunately for that off-the-cuff or off-the-top-of-the-head explanation, test crash dummies weren’t so tested for a few years after the Roswell incident oops!

Now I would maintain that military personnel would be able to tell the difference between balloon materials, and wreckage from a metallic flying disc (not to mention being able to distinguish alien bodies from mannequins). How could they get it so absolutely originally wrong? I would maintain that ‘the little old lady from Pasadena’ could differentiate between the two.  Anything after the original USAAF ‘it was a crashed disc’ explanation (i.e. balloons) is absurd. Further, we have statements, including death bed affidavits from key witnesses that reiterate that there was debris from a crashed disc and non-human bodies in evidence. That’s not in dispute either. While there’s a lot of mythology surrounding Roswell, and not all the story has been fully told IMHO, there would seem little doubt that Roswell is as close to a UFO ETH ‘smoking gun’ as we have. It only takes one, out of multi-hundreds of thousands of UFO reports, to seal the evidence for the existence an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

But wait, there’s more, and I’m not making any of this up. Firstly, forget the dozens of after-the-fact investigators into Roswell and their tomes. The only thing that really counts here is first hand, on-the-spot, eye-witness accounts. When it comes to that, the name Marcel should ring your bells and whistles.

Major Jesse Marcel (Senior) was the Army Air Force (AAF) as it was then called, military officer directed to investigate the report of some mysterious debris scattered outside of town. Now to achieve a rank of Major, in the military, suggests you’ve been around for a while. You’re not some newly commissioned greenhorn Second Louie. It suggests that one is competent enough to distinguish wheat from chaff. So, Major Marcel (Senior), upon on-site investigation of this crashed debris, became so excited about the nature of the material that he actually took some of the debris home to show his family, waking up his young child (Jesse Marcel, Junior) in the middle of the night. It’s the sort of thing a SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial) scientist might just as excitedly do if he or she received ‘that’ radio signal from E.T.

That a Major in the US AAF somehow could not tell the difference between debris from a crashed weather balloon (or even in yet another turnaround about-face, a Project Mogul balloon trail  well it’s still just a balloon) and a metallic crashed disc is too implausible or incredible to believe or take seriously. It’s like saying a SETI scientist couldn’t tell the difference between Morse Code and the radio hiss from the Big Bang’s cosmic microwave background radiation, or a dog breeder the difference between a German Shepard and a French Poodle!

Afterwards, of course, that, and all the other debris was collected by and turned over to the local AAF. Because of the unusual and highly suggestive other-worldly nature of the debris, the base commander (Colonel William Blanchard) ordered his public relations officer (First Lieutenant, Walter Haut) to issue a press statement that the AAF at Roswell had collected the crashed remains of one of these new fangled flying discs or flying saucers as they were first termed. Within 24 hours, higher authority directed that the story be changed and what had actually been recovered was a weather balloon. Major Marcel, the base commander and the press officer, being dutiful military types, just followed orders, made the required about-face turnabout, and said nothing further then. The actual debris was flown off-site, off the Roswell base, first to Texas (where real weather balloon bits were displayed for a press conference), hence onwards elsewhere (Wright Field as it was then known, now Wright-Patterson AFB, is implicated), but the debris (weather balloon or otherwise) has now apparently vanished off the face of the Earth, unless of course it is still stored under classified wraps which of course is denied.

But wait, there’s still more! After Marcel (Senior) retired from the military, he went public with his side of the story weather balloon? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. His son (Jesse Marcel, Junior), 11 years old at the time daddy (JM, Senior) woke him up, ultimately became a medical doctor and also a career military officer. But he too has now spoken out publicly and written about his, and his father’s encounters with what they both termed not-of-this-world technology. Marcel (Junior) remembers vividly that night and that material from the crashed disc collected by his father.

You can find relevant interviews with (now the late) Jesse Marcel (Senior), and his son, Dr. Jesse Marcel (Junior) on YouTube.

The Roswell AAF base commander (Colonel William Blanchard) was never reprimanded or disciplined for ordering the ‘crashed disc’ press release. In fact he eventually rose to the rank of that of a four-star General.

The First Lieutenant, Walter Haut, who actually issued that press release, also issued a death bed affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the actual crashed disc (not weather balloon) explanation to the Roswell event. That affidavit can be found on the Internet at the following address: (

One large factor in the Roswell story is the alligations of official governmental cover-up at the highest levels. This actually makes quite logical sense. If you come into possession of advanced extraterrestrial technology, you’re not going to share that with anyone, not even your closest allies, as many times in the history of our civilization, your ally today is your enemy tomorrow. That aside, once you decide to withhold that titbit of information, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. It becomes very awkward, in any sort of diplomatic sense, to have to admit later on down the track that you withheld something from your closest allies. It’s better just to keep your collective mouths firmly shut.

Finally, why, after over six decades on, if the Roswell incident has been so satisfactorily explained by the powers-that-be, is the issue, the explanation, their explanation, still something that’s topical and being debated?

Roswell has taken on such a life of its own that it has featured not only in a novel (see Strieber below), but as a TV series “Roswell” as well as the starting point for another “Taken”, as well as a “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” episode. The film “Independence Day” featured the Roswell incident, as did, obviously, the made for TV film titled “Roswell: The UFO Cover Up”.

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Science librarian; retired.

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