UFOs are everywhere these days and always have been. Why is everyone so afraid to talk about them? Well we can’t answer that, but we can talk about them and we will.

We invite you to help us by submitting your sighting reports and photos etc. to us. We will publish any and all credible reports. We won’t always get it right so we want our visitors to help with polite comments.

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Aliens On Earth

So, what is really happening?

Anyone who has ever looked up at the sky on a clear cloudless night, especially out in the countryside where there is no interference from …

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UFOs and Alien Disclosure
Ufos And Aliens

UFOs and Alien Disclosure – Hidden Messages In Super Bowl Commercials

UFOs? In early February, my wife and I were in Vail Colorado for our annual ski trip. As luck would have it, we timed our …

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Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallée

UFOs, What’s The Story?

UFOs, they say, started around June 1947, when the papers all over the US carried the first flying saucer report. These reports described a group …

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