UFO filmed over Slovenia last month

UFO filmed over Slovenia last month

Article by Lus Ufo

Latest UFO sightings, the most remarkable and the most viewed UFO sighting on our site last month – This video of some kind of disc-shaped, blue colored silent UFO was allegedly recorded in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in central Europe on Monday, 19th July 2010 around 10:30 pm. This city is located near Croatia on the south and Hungary on the north east.

According to Slovenian leading news website 24ur.com, which posted this video on her website two days after it happened, at least 4 witnesses saw this unknown flying object in the sky over Slovenian south east region “Dolenjska”.

One of the witnesses reports of some 3 places where the event took place. People supposedly heard strange noise and they saw a UFO which reminded on a classic flying saucer, silently flying across the sky.

At the same time there were supposed to be electricity blackouts. Cell phones were also dead. This is at least what a viewer told the media and handed them a footage.

This 5 minutes long footage, which you can watch at the link below, is one of the most viewed UFO videos on the Youtube last month (July 2010), especially in the countries like: United States, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Gibraltar and Japan.

Also, was this post on our website, Latest UFO Sightings, having far more views than anyone else and it was a month full of UFO sighting and crop circles, the most busy month this year and we posted this footage almost in the end of the month, on 20ht July 2010.

Keep your eyes to the skies and if you will ever record any strange air phenomena, please contact us and send it! You can also report a sightings without any evidence, just share the truth.

Watch the original video footage at this link: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2010/07/disc-shaped-ufo-filmed-over-novo-mesto.html

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