The Bible History and Future

The Bible History and Future. The Bible is a divine book with several messages and to me the most important besides the actual existence of God is that it is a History book and history always repeats itself.

Look one time at EZEKIEL 1 it tells of God riding in on an extraterrestrial machine and giving instructions to warn those around him. He is also told later in the book that if the people he gives the messages to warn others do not warn then they themselves will die.

The Bible History and FutureLook at the message in Revelations, it calls for the destruction of the surface of the earth and the cleansing of the human race. This tells me not only has it happened before but it will soon happen again.

The messages are once again coming in from the same source and once again most of society is not listening. The exact messenger as before in the form of an extraterrestrial machine has left what we call crop circles and these can be easily seen as signs of warning of the coming devastation.

The first crop circle I saw that gave me no doubt of this warning was the one of a simple triangle with a circle around each tip. This is clearly the sign for shelter. I started looking at other crop circles and of course found many to be misleading and more than likely fake, but some are truly fascinating and elaborate with definite links to the Mayan calendar and other ancient cultures. This is not to be taken lightly and if God delivered his messages in the past with this method I for one plan to listen to them.

If you believe in the Bible and in God I think you should give a long look at this story. The cycle of the earth is about to replete itself and it will be a cleansing period. This is the time we have all been waiting for ,for thousands of years and it would be a shame to not heed the massages to take shelter so we can live through this cleansing and walk the earth at the time of the coming of God.

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