How Crop Circles Appear

How Crop Circles Appear

Article by Keith Ward

Everyone has heard of crop circles, but what are they and why do they appear?The formations that are found predominantly fields of grain growing crops mysteriously appear in an area where there was nothing but crops the previous day. The appearance of crop circles was a phenomenon that has been reported even before there were cameras to capture the image.

In the 1970s there were various circles that were documented in crops in England. They appeared every year and the patterns became more intricate. There were many people who believed the crop circles were arranged by aliens from outer space. Although they were not studied much before this time, there have been instances recorded that proves the existence of these crop circles far earlier.

Cryptologists have found stone and wall carvings which point to the existence of crop circles as far back as prehistoric times. There is also recorded proof of this strange occurrence in ancient Egypt. Ireland is one place that there have been prehistoric wall carvings found that were spiral patterns. These were found in Newgrange.

The documented crop circles found in 1999 were numbered at least 190 after having a noticeable increase recorded in the early 20th century with the major increase in the 1960s. They are found more frequently in the UK but there are many other countries where this strange sighting has been reported including the USA, Africa, Canada, Russia, and Japan to name a few.

Approximately 200 new crop circles are reported every year. They appear all around the world in over 30 countries. However, the bulk have appeared in England. The patterns are intricate, geometrical, and have a precision which is impossible to comprehend a person or persons doing in the middle of the night and finishing by morning. Most of the crop circles are found in wheat or barley fields but they also have shown up in grass, rice paddies, maize, oats, snow and ice.

There have been many supposed explanations for the appearance of the crop circles from overuse of fertiliser to cows that are gifted when it comes to creating these geometric masterpieces. The idea of pranksters has come to mind more often than not. There are many who believe this is the reason for the crop circles but in order to make the circles appear overnight it would take quite a few very talented people working non-stop.

As early as 1686, Robert Plot, who was a British scientist, wrote a book called “A Natural History of Staffordshire”. This book had many geometric patterns found on land in the area which were circles as well as spirals and squares in rings. Some of the patterns were 150 feet across. The book states that the area of the circles had soil which was loose and much drier than would normally be present. The plants also had a peculiar substance similar to mouldy bread on them. His thoughts on these crop circles were they were formed by lightning.

Regardless of the reasoning that is attributed to the crop circles by those who believe they are hoaxes, it does seem strange that in the UK, Wiltshire in particular, the crop circles are near ancient sites that have a sacred meaning.

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