Calling Planet Earth – Alien Communications Strategies

Calling Planet Earth – Alien Communications Strategies

Article by Jenny Kettlewell

Is there anybody out there? It’s the million dollar question and the world is divided into the believers and the non-believers. We’re talking aliens here: little green men in silver suits and one-eyed monsters with ten-foot tentacles and laser beam eyes… Well, perhaps today’s expectations and theories about ‘outer space’, and those who may populate it, are a little more sophisticated than that; but humans have been claiming to have communicated with aliens for many years. So, with many people intent on having the world believe they have seen a UFO or been abducted by aliens, could it be true? Could aliens in fact have highly developed communications strategies which enable them to infiltrate the Earth and live amongst us? Some think so…

2012 is Coming…

Back in 2006 rumours began that ancient Mayans had predicted a spectacular and cataclysmic universal event in the year 2012. Apparently, so some have deduced from the writings of the Mayans, at that time, our extra-terrestrial neighbours will finally make themselves known to the Earth and will rescue us from this prophesied disaster. There is allegedly a ‘Federation of the Universe’, which represents the entire 88 star constellations who are, at this very moment, making contact with the world leaders and governments of the Earth through highly evolved communications strategies. Word is that many of the mysteries of life and death will be revealed to the people of the Earth by the Federation after the event in 2012; we can only hope it comes after the Olympics!

Crop Circles

Not many people can have failed to have heard about at least one instance of the phenomenon of crop circles. But whether you’re a believer or a sceptic of the highest order, some cases can simply not be explained away. Some UFO enthusiasts believe the circles are the result of an alien craft landing and flattening the crops; while others believe that their formation and patterns are some kind of communications strategies which the aliens leave as messages to others from their planet. About 80% of crop circles have been investigated and uncovered as elaborate hoaxes, but staunch UFO fanatics continue to claim many as genuine messages from outer space.

Eisenhower’s Secret Rendezvous

Back in 1954, the then President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, was on his annual holidays in Palm Springs, when he reputedly made a secret night-time visit to the nearby Edwards Air Force base. Rumour was rife that he had, in fact, made the trip to meet with two extra-terrestrial beings and, through strange telepathic communications strategies, he conversed with them. Allegedly aliens had become concerned with the effect of nuclear armament on the wider universe and offered to share their superior technology and spiritualism if Eisenhower agreed to give up his weapons – he declined. The rumours refused to go away and, up until his death and beyond, it was widely believed by a certain sector of the US community that Eisenhower was at the helm of a massive alien cover-up.

One Giant Step for Social Media

In January 2010, the first ‘tweet’ was received from outer space. But don’t get too excited, this is a bit of a red herring; it wasn’t from an alien with an iPod, it was in fact from astronaut TJ Creamer aboard the International Space Station. He now has over 19,000 followers on Twitter and, in the slim chance that aliens have developed communications strategies compatible with our broadband networks, he’s all set to start chatting to extra-terrestrial ‘twitterers’.

About the Author

Jenny Kettlewell is the Marketing Manager for Multitone Systems, a leading telecommunications strategy company. Multitone has implemented custom, integrated communications strategies for businesses and organisations in the public and private sector for over 75 years

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