El Chupacabra Monster

El Chupacabra Monster

El Chupacabra where first introduced to the world in the early 90s at Puerto Rico. Before that time we have not knew such creature and some say monster. We knew a lot about Bigfoot, Vampires, Aliens and many other monsters but the El Chupacabra was a new discovery in that time.

The thing that makes the El Chupacabra more interesting is that there were no reports that it hurt people but only cattle such as goats, cows and even chickens. If it doesn’t hurt the human kind is it still a scary and evil monster? Well I say yes, for example takes cockroaches – they can not hurt people but still we are afraid of them. People in South America also were afraid from the fact that if the Chupacabra kills cattle it can also kill them.

Many people reported strange encounters with the El Chupacabra monster. Some claim to see it, others claimed that they just heard it but still the most common foot print of this creature is to leave a blood trail of cattle behind it. Those horror images of hundred of dead cattle really scared the people in those country areas, but it also make the whole phenomena much real – because we have evidences clear El Chupacabra Pictures and video tapes. When we examine the evidences we have to remember that there are lots of people who try to fake it just for fame and fortune. Most of the fake pictures are so blurry and obscure that you can not even figure out what you see – it can be everything.

Like every good monster story – whether it true or not there is a lot of folklore around it. This is where the true is mixed with fairytales. It is even worse than that fake monster evidences because they can really distracted our attention to things that are just not true. But above all if you will do your research you will come to one conclusion: the El Chupacabra monster is real!

El Chupacabra – Everything you every wanted to know about El Chupacabra Pictures

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