Chupacabra Mystery Not Solved – Not Coyote Canine

Chupacabra – The Mystery has Not been solved – It’s Not a Coyote or Canine with scabies or mange

I have been studying Cryptozoology for many years, and I keep abreast of all the News articles and other reports regarding these creatures called; Cryptids. One particular creature that has been in the news a lot recently has been the Chupacabra, also called; The Goat Sucker.

Lately, there have been reports stating that the mystery of the Chupacabra has been solved, and it is nothing more than a dog, coyote or some other well-known animal that has scabies or mange, or another such condition that makes the animal lose its hair.

These sightings have been documented and are fact, but these creatures are not the true beings known as the Chupacabras.  True Chupacabra sightings started mainly in South American Countries, Puerto Rico, and Mexico in the early 1990s and slowly spread to the southern states of the USA.

The Original Chupacabra

ChupacabraThe original, true Chupacabra creatures were reported as looking like bizarre alien-like creatures, standing from 3 to 5 feet tall, and walking on 2 legs, not 4, like a dog, or coyote. They have large sharp spines or horn-like protrusions like a porcupine, that run down the length of their backs. The eyes are very large and actually shine or glow bright red in colour. The glowing eyes do not seem to be caused by reflection but rather by some inner type of energy or bio-luminescence like that of a firefly.

Chupacabra walks upright like a human, and can also hop like a kangaroo, and they also have the ability to fly for short distances, using an unknown type of energy or ability.

Does the descriptions of the true Chupacabras, look or sound anything like a hairless canine or other such animals, of course not. So, let me state again, that the mystery of the Chupacabra has not been solved, in fact it’s still as much a mystery as the elusive Bigfoot or any other such creature of Cryptozoology.

In the last few years, we have seen increasing video tapes that caught the el chupacabra monster. While most of the video tapes can easily be spotted as amateur fakes, a few of them remains a real mystery waiting to be solved.

How Do We Know What a Chupacabra Looks Like?

The reason we know how the el chupacabra looks is because a lot of people have reported the same weird figure over and over again. Although some of the video tapes are really obscure and blurry we can easily spot the overall look. It is the same process when we are going to analyze UFOs or ghosts caught on tape. The first step is to see if there is anything familiar to us in the pictures, this is the anchor of the scene. From there we are moving to the other objects in the frames while we investigate the relative positions of the other objects. If it looks illogical than it must be a fake and there is no need to keep looking at those tapes because they are fake and a waste of time.

However, if the objects on the film looks real, then and only then we can approach the main figure of the monster. This is to prevent the illusion created by the picture and affecting the judgement. The thing is that if we look at the el chupacabra monster first than we are distracted, we are so overwhelmed with the picture that we forget to examine the rest of the photos which is very important for the search for the truth.

The truth is in the little details, this is why there are lots of computer gadgets and software that can verify if a video tape of ghosts or the el chupacabra monster is real. They check things that we can not see with the naked eye and they are more objective than our subjective minds.

It looks like National Geographic does not agree. See what they have to say here.

El Chupacabra was first introduced to the world in the early 90s at Puerto Rico. Before that time we did not know of such creatures and as some say monsters. We knew a lot about Bigfoot, Vampires, Aliens and many other monsters but the El Chupacabra was a new discovery at that time.

The thing that makes the El Chupacabra interesting is that there were no reports that it has ever hurt people but only animals such as cattle, goats, sheep and even chickens. If it doesn’t hurt humans is it still a scary and evil monster? Well, I say yes, take for example cockroaches, they can not hurt people but still, we are afraid of them. People in South America are also afraid because of the fact that if the Chupacabra can kill cattle it can also kill them.

Many people reported strange encounters with the El Chupacabra monster. Some claim to see it, others claimed that they just heard it but still the most common footprint of this creature is a blood trail behind it. Those horror images of hundreds of dead cattle really scared the people in those country areas, but it also makes the whole phenomena much real because we have clear evidence, El Chupacabra Pictures and video tapes. When we examine the evidence we have to remember that there are lots of people who try to fake it just for fame and fortune of fun. Most of the fake pictures are so blurry and obscure that you can not even figure out what you are looking at.  It could be anything.

Like every good monster story  whether it true or not there is a lot of folklore around it. This is where the truth is mixed with fairytales. But it is even worse than that because fake monster evidence can distract our attention from genuine cases. But above all, if you do your research you will come to one conclusion: the El Chupacabra monster is real!

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