Mysteries of Area 51

Mysteries of Area 51

UFO’s And Me

Hello, My name is Katie Heaven and i’m 14 years old. I have always found UFO’s, Extraterrestrial life and especially the ‘out of bounds’ Area 51 very interesting. I’ve watched doccumentaries about these topics and peoples experiences with E.T life. You have Believers and Non-Believers, in these matters and I choose to believe. There is so much evidence out there that would prove to everyone that what we call ‘Aliens’ exist. The US goverment has more evidence than we do in Britain, but chooses to keep it from the public. I believe this is done to stop panic in the world and is done with best intentions at heart, but, this secrecy is kept in a very wrong way.
As for previous people working in Area 51, some were on a t.v doccumentary a while ago, they chose to keep their identity private as the goverment would apparently kill them if secrets got out. If these previous Area 51 workers were so afraid of losing their lives, they would not go on national television parading about the fact that they know what happens in there. I personally think that there are some genuine people thoughtless enough to tell the world what they have experienced, but there is always going to be a way the goverment can cover this up, whether we like it or not. On youtube there was a video of an ‘alien autopsy’, which i’m almost one hundred percent certain is fake…The caption says that it was recorded by someone who had broken in, but the fact is almost anyone who tried to break in would be shot dead and all records of them would be erased from the goverments database. It would look as if they had just vanished from the face of the earth.
However, there was a group named Red Cell which was an organization created by the US government to help prevent terrorism, the reason was because then in the 1980’s-1990’s they were much more afraid of terrorism than we are today. The US goverment would hire Red Cell to try and infiltrate top secret goverment land to see if a small special forces unit could easily break in to US goverment property and to make sure that these areas were as well protected as they could ever be. Red Cell could even take hostages on Air Force one with permission from the goverment. Their tactics are still top secret, obviously they worked and thats why they are kept hidden otherwise the public would know exactly how to get in. But many do believe they had gained access into aircraft hangers and underground facilities on area 51. The tactics that Red Cell used must have been very clever. Some say there is underground aircraft storage and secret tunnels leading to other top secret goverment facilities that still remain unknown to the citizens of the world. Again the US goverment have denied all knowledge of ‘underground tunnels and underground aircraft hangers’.  

I will now move on to reverse-engineering, which is when you look at a piece of machinery and how it was built and build it from the outside to the inside. Basically copying a machine which has been created by someone/something else but building it backwards. Many scientists and researchers believe that reverse-engineering is exactly what happens in Area 51. There were speculations about an aircraft named Aurora but there has never been any physical evidence that this aircraft was ever built or flown. People believe that Aurora was reverse-engineered by the US military to see how this plane works and to learn more about E.T technology. I personally believe that this is true because there are so many aircrafts that have been captured and recorded near or close to area 51, not all these videos can be fake. Aurora interested me as the technology i can see on an artist interpretation that was used to build it is so advanced from our technology today, that if the US military had built it, it would have not been one of our designs for certain. We do not have all this advance technology and if we do it is certainly kept a secret from us. Well we have gadgets such as ipods, iphones, laptops, gaming systems and so on, but this speculation sometimes leads me to believe that maybe some of our greatest inventors originally had ideas from E.T technology which had been discovered and we continued from then improving these things that most people use in everyday life.

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