Area 51 – BBC Film Crew Caught In Secret Air Base

Area 51

Area 51 Guards armed with M16 assault rifles forced them to lie face-down for three hours while the FBI ran security checks. The 12-man crew visited the infamous Area 51 in Nevada, “where it is claimed bodies of aliens are held”, to make a documentary about UFOs. The Beeb team “including comic Andrew Maxwell” ignored warnings to slip past security and film inside the fence.

Area 51 Security

Moments later military cops surrounded them and confiscated their phones, wallets and IDs. UFO expert Darren Perks, 34, said one of the cops told him: “Listen, son, we could make you disappear and your body would never be found.”

The crew “filming an episode of BBC3’s Conspiracy Road Trip” were fined £375 each and ordered not to reveal what they saw.

But Darren admitted: “We didn’t see anything except a bit of tarmac”.

I have to say that I think that this is very light-handed. Considering the reputation that the secret air base, Area 51, has, you might expect that their equipment would be confiscated or damaged and some of the crew mistreated and arrested. Especially since the U.S. has long since abandoned its respect for human rights as we all know from its treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
As you can see from the signage in the image on the right of this article, the base claims to have the right to use deadly force on anyone trespassing on the Area 51 secret base. The BBC film crew were not even fined half of the maximum. Of course, it could be and I would even guess that it is very likely that the reason they were treated so well is that they were acting on behalf of the national broadcaster of a military ally of the U.S. Anyone else would almost certainly have been treated very differently.
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