UFO’s, Reality Or Fiction?

UFO’s, Reality Or Fiction? Do you believe in life on other planets or have you perhaps seen something you can not explain? Are you among those who claim to have seen a UFO and strongly believe that something alien did crash in Roswell all those years ago? Well if so you are not alone because it is unbelievable how many people in this world have seen something unidentified flying across the sky.

UFO's, Reality Or FictionWhat are these things and where do they come from? Have different governments around the world actually been able to catch alien beings and if that is the case why are they keeping it a secret? All of these are questions people living today may never get an answer to. Why? Maybe because there really is nothing to answer too or perhaps the governments feel that they need to “protect” people from the truth.

Why would you need to be protected you might wonder but with such knowledge you have to realize that it could possible create quite a mass hysteria around the world, then again for others it could give them hope, hope that something better than what we have today could come from all of this. Who are really to decide what is best for the people, it must be the ones in charge, the governments.

Too often you hear about unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) which the government is, most of the time, very quick to explain as test flights of some sort of experimental projects as well as telling you that all you have seen is airplane from a different angle or a satellite coming close to earth. For all you know many of those explanations may be true but what about all the people who claim to have seen UFO’s, they can’t all be crazy, can they?

With all the unexplainable things which happen every day in this world why can it not be possible that someone have actually seen a UFO? With all those galaxies and worlds out there can we really believe that we are the only living beings there is. In one way it would be kind of ignorant for us to believe so but then again there is no proof for us, the common people, to suggest otherwise.

A lot of people don’t believe that anyone can be out there but for others aliens are very real and nothing can convince them of anything else. At the present time, all we have is our beliefs when it comes to aliens and UFO’s and from the way it looks it is probably all we will have unless all of a sudden aliens were to land right among us for everyone to see.

Whether you are a UFO believer or not, keeping an eye on the sky ever so often would not hurt and what you may one day see could end up turning you into a believer. Who knows what roams our skies at night if nobody is out there watching. Keep an open mind and you might just be surprised or maybe you might even be right, regardless the stars are a beautiful thing to look at and should not go unnoticed. There is more between heaven and earth than what meets the eye.

Article by Hege Crowton.

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