Are UFO’s Real

Are UFO’s Real

Article by Jennifer Anderson

The topic of UFO’s is quite an unauthentic one. Their very existence is under question and seems like a con to everybody.

But one thing is for sure that there have been numerous claimed sightings of the UFO by the Arizonans (Arizona UFO) and many more from all over the world also claim of similar sightings and have some video proofs to support their claims.

A rememberable event took place in July, 1947 when a most prominent sighting of the UFO was there, when during a deluge near Roswell New Mexico, an air force experiment (involving weather balloons) went all wrong. The word went around that the balloons fell to the earth due to some glitch in the experiment but many people viewed it as an outcome of some sort of alien activity.Another chaotic incident occurred when some naive news channel claimed that the US air force has got some alien tech in their hands in the form of an alien space craft (flying saucer). The whole world was stunned by this news but later on it was revealed that it was merely a weather balloon and nothing more than that. But still many people believed that the government officials are hiding the truth and are just making up a false story of weather balloons to hide the truth.

Many zealots are still clinging to the fact that the incident of July, 1947 did happen and an alien flying saucer did crash there and many of them consider themselves auspicious enough to see the “Phoenix Lights” (a factual concept that will make you believe that UFO’s do prevail here on earth).

For the non-believers of the UFO concept, it is suggested that they do watch some real video clippings of the UFO sightings. It will make them believe that UFO’s do exist in reality. To add to all these there are innumerable stories of UFO sightings by many people who are ready to bet on them with whatever they have got. But to many others these people are either psychos or misleaders.

The alliance of these UFO sightings goes side by side to the sightings of alien life forms. People openly declare to be kidnapped by these aliens on one occasion or the other after they have seen a UFO. Non-believers do counterclaim their authenticity but the truth is these victims were frightened like hell after these experiences and were forced to take the counsel of expert psychologists to overcome from this shock.

Other places in Arizona where such sightings occurred included- Tempe, Mesa, Gold Canyon, Superior, Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale and many other. The list is endless.

It’s up to you to decide that you want to believe in the concept of UFO’s or not but it is a fact that there are enough believers of this concept to keep this idea animate for the time.

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Research is key as with trying to find out the truth about anything. That’s why we have been working to get to the bottom of things such as Area 51 and other Government cover ups.

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