Questioning Whether Aliens Exist

Questioning Whether Aliens Exist

Article by Caroline Michelle

The question of whether aliens exist has been the subject of debate for quite a long time now and doesn’t seem about to end any time soon. With the discovery of so many solar systems across the galaxy, mankind is beginning to realize that contrary to what was thought a few decades ago, the earth is not the center of the universe. The imagination cannot begin to fathom what goes on in the vast expanse of space. Science has again and again revealed that water is the main source of life on earth and with ever more powerful telescopes they are discovering other distant planets that seem to have water.

Such discoveries bring out questions of what really goes on out there and if there really is life on other planets. After discovering that there is freezing water on the surfaces of many other planets, scientists have even identified a cloud of water spotted less than a light year across the famous constellation known as Orion. Scientists have speculated that Mars could actually be supporting life forms because all necessary conditions for life seem to exist.

Many scientists are beginning to believe that if these aliens exist, they are actually more intellectually superior and will not reveal themselves to mankind. They claim this is the reason why there is very little knowledge about these extraterrestrials regarding their real nature and any activities they are involved in. How else would one explain the ever increasing number of encounters between humans and aliens? Today there seems to be strong evidence of presence here on Earth. There are photographs, video recordings and other scientific instruments that have recorded the activities of these aliens.

Dr. Walther Riedelm, who was a chief designer and research director at German’s Rocket Center, was quoted saying that he was completely convinced stories about flying saucer (UFOs) were true and that these mystery objects are actually of extraterrestrial origin. He made this statement after making several observations. One of these observations was the temperature of the ships that operated under the discovered conditions would make it difficult for the aliens to survive locally. Secondly, he went on to explain that the speeds at the reported altitudes and the centrifugal force at which they operate at are out of this world, and thirdly, the maneuvers they do are simply impossible for any human pilot to withstand.

The unexplained phenomena of UFO sightings and alien encounters truly defy any explanation. Pathfinder’s quest to unlock new information about Mars has resulted in sightings which include what appears to be a human face on the planet’s surface as well as ruins of a city. These sightings give very stirring indications that suggest that at some point in history there could have been an ancient tie between Mars and Earth especially regarding the existence of aliens.

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