Paranormal Videos are everywhere you look

Paranormal Videos are everywhere you look

Paranormal videos are everywhere we look! Fire up your tv at pretty much anytime of the day and you’re sure to locate a TV show dealing with the paranormal. T . v . is simply the beginning. The Online World is swarming with video recordings related to the paranormal. It is not known whether this surge in paranormal videos are caused by there being more unidentified flying objects within our skies as well as ghosts in our dwellings or if it is the result of higher technology for people to be able to report a UFO sighting. Maybe it would be a mixture of both equally. It make sense that due to the fact almost everybody has a camera included in their cellphone, there are more opportunities to spot something paranormal on video.


Have you ever witnessed a Ufo? Youtube has a huge number of paranormal videos showing unidentified flying objects soaring across the skies achieving impossible turns at amazing rates of speed. These kinds of maneuvers would undoubtedly destroy a human aviator using conventional technology. So many people have caught these weird objects on video to reject their existence. With these facts identified, these mystical flying objects can merely be a couple of things. Possibly the military is at the very least ten thousand years ahead of civilians in terms of technology or we’re being visited by Extra Terrestrial and/or Inter-dimensional creatures. According to numerous people, it is a combination of both because we’ve reverse engineered recovered alien space craft and produced ARV’s (Alien Reproduction Vehicles).

A number of people believe these paranormal videos of flying saucers are hoaxes and that the tales of those who are declaring alien contact only derive from simple, uneducated men and women seeking attention or money. This is probably true in some cases however when somebody like Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper states he has observed them by way of his own eyes and has had a chance to access restricted material regarding the existence of extra terrestrials, we must listen closely. Whenever a well respected physician like Dr. Roger Lier publicizes that he has extracted many alien implants containing unknown substances from alleged UFO abduction patients, we’ve got to study the facts. If United states military personnel are prepared to confirm under oath that they have witnessed UFOs turn off nuclear missiles one after another, we can’t disregard the matter anymore.


Sooner or later, one of these paranormal videos are going to clearly show unquestionable proof that the UFO phenomenon does really exist and therefore it’s not from this earth. A lot of people presume the evidence is already here and it’s a matter of accepting the reality that extra terrestrials have already been checking out The planet for many of years and are also directly the cause of our technical progress. Believe it or not, notable author and investigator Zecharia Sitchin states that he has uncovered the secrets related to the origins of the human race. Sitchin claims that the ancient Sumerians were genetically created by an alien race referred to as the “Anunnaki” to mine gold for them as a slave race.


One aspect is for certain that paranormal videos have become increasingly popular. It’s just an issue of time until somebody records “the smoking gun” on tape. With any luck ,, the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects will be considered significant enough to coerce our politicians to undertake a realistic exploration on the origin of these strange physical objects throughout our sky. Till that particular date comes, we’ll need to continue observing our skies and keep publishing paranormal videos of Unidentified Flying Objects.


I have been analyzing the paranormal going back 18 years. My main focus has been on the ufo phenomenon. Please be sure to browse my website for additional information on the paranormal. project camelot, project camelot, project camelot

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